How To Build a VR Headset On Your Own

VR Headset

A VR Headset made from cardboard is one of the cheapest ways to experience Virtual Reality at home. We have made a tutorial that will help you to make a VR Headset for yourself at a negligible cost if you have the following: cardboard and transparent plastic. This tutorial is purely a DIY tutorial, so you will not need a high tech professional beside you. Although the headset is comfortable to build, making the lens is only the tricky part. But don’t worry, by reading this tutorial you will learn how to build your own VR headset in no time.

Making a Biconvex Lens for a DIY Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset

The first step would be to make a Biconvex lens for our VR headset. Follow the below instructions to make the biconvex lens:

  1. Find a used or empty clear bottle with a large “Curvature.”
  2. Make a circular template of a 25mm diameter on a sheet of paper or cardboard.
  3. Cut the circular pieces using the circular template from the plastic bottle using scissors or cutting knife. Cut at least 4 pieces of this, because you will need 2 pieces together to create a single biconvex lens.
  4. Join the 2 pieces of clear plastic together to form a biconvex shape lens.
  5. Carefully attach all the circumference pieces of the biconvex shape plastic to make the biconvex lens shape of the plastic.
  6. The next step is to fill your syringe with water and carefully inject it inside the biconvex figure until you fill it up.
  7. After successfully removing all the bubbles, fill it with the clear water and seal it again. Now, seal the hole you just made with the syringe needle. If there are holes, then you can use a needle to burst them.
  8. Let it dry for a few minutes.
  9. Check if your lens can magnify pictures. Try it with small pictures like printed letters, canvas images, or anything you prefer.
  10. Repeat the procedure to make another biconvex lens.

Next, you need to make an enclosure for the headset.

Making an Enclosure for Our DIY Cardboard VR Headset

The enclosure is the most straightforward part of this tutorial. Just follow the below steps.

  1. Download the templates from any website and print the pieces on long bond paper in landscape mode.
  2. Cut out the pieces from the template.
  3. Join the templates using any glue on the cardboard.
  4. Cut the cardboard according to the glued template. Also, you have to assemble all the three parts of the template. Join them, and you will have an enclosure ready for your VR headset.

Attaching the Lens to the DIY Cardboard VR Headset

The last step of making a VR headset is to place the pair of lenses you made onto the eye-slot of the cardboard headset. After placing it, attach a mobile phone to test out your VR headset. You can also alter the biconvex lens according to your eye size and place it again if required. After following this step, you will have your own VR headset ready.