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Privacy Policy

We here at MyInfoBag have designed this Privacy Policy page to help you better understand on how we process, store and use your information collected from myinfobag.com and thus helping you take a decision on what information you want to share with us.

Note: By accessing our website (www.myinfobag.com) you are accepting to the set of practices we follow described herein the Privacy policy. Please note this policy may be updated and amended from time to time, Hence please check this regularly for any updates

If you have any queries, feel  free to contact us at :  info@myinfobag.com

What We Collect From You:

We at MyInfoBag (company) are the sole owners for all the information that we collect from you on this Site (www.myinobag.com) . The company collects information of the user in several methods at different instances and locations in the Site. Here are the areas we collect the user information:

  • Comments: Users have the option to leave any comments on the articles they like or dislike. Users also can leave their identity anonymous if they choose to.
  • Mailing List or Subscribers List: We capture the emails of our users to add them in our mailing/subscriber’s list. This is to provide all our users/subscribers with latest information.

So as to receive our e-mails/Newsletters users have to register on the site by providing your name and a valid email address. This information will only be used by the company only to assess the general user interests and demographics thereby providing users more of relevant information. The contact information of any of our user will not be compromised to any third party apps or clients.

Links To Other Websites/Applications:

The company’s website (www.myinfobag.com) contain links to several other websites on the Internet. Kindly note that MyInfoBag is not responsible for the privacy policies of those websites. We strictly encourage our viewers to go through the privacy policy of any such sites.

Note : www.myinfobag.com does use cookies to store Information.