Microsoft Earbuds Review, Performance, Price, And Availability

What to Know About the Microsoft Earbuds:

Two-minute review

Microsoft’s first pair of wireless in-ear headphones, the Surface Earbuds, is available. In terms of features, the Earbuds cover most of what we’ve come to expect from a premium pair of true wireless in-ears. They have app-based adjustable, aptX Bluetooth connectivity, and responsive touch controls. They don’t have active noise-cancellation and the way they fit they let ambient sound leak in. In this blog, we dig deep into the performance of Microsoft Earbuds.

Sound in Microsoft served up by relatively large full-range drivers, a 25mm diameter is big by in-ear standards. 7.2g is heavy and their charging case isn’t exactly slim the Surface Earbuds prove comfortable. The ‘twist-to-fit’ arrangement keeps them steady, even during mild exercise, battery life is 24 hours (all-in 8 hours in the Earbuds themselves, plus two more full charges from the case).

However, the price brings the Surface Earbuds into direct competition with some alternatives from some big audio brands. Microsoft’s buds are a competitive listen for those who crave the biggest soundstage, and will find lots to like here. They are a very welcome addition to the ever-increasing list of worthwhile true wireless in-ears. Moreover, with their distinctive looks, they deliver in the areas that count: functionality and sound quality.

Price and Availability

The Surface Earbuds are available to buy for $199, and that price is around 50% higher than the Apple AirPods. That price includes two Surface Earbuds, along with a substantial charging case and three sizes of silicone ear tips. If you’re keeping track, that is 25% more than the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus and 10% more than the Google Pixel Buds.  

  • Design and feel
  • Unmistakable looks 
  • Secure invasive fit 
  • Responsive touch controls

Just as with Apple’s AirPods, everyone and anyone will know what they are when you’re wearing them. They come with a choice of ear tips (S/M/L), using the Shure-style ‘twist-to-fit’ in-ear monitor action. They don’t form anything like an invasive seal, though they might initially feel slightly loose. Moreover, the fit proves secure and the design allows just a hint of ambient sound. 

Pausing Music

Pausing music is enough to hold a conversation without taking the Earbuds out. Playing music is stopped with a double-tap on the sizable capacitive touch area. On the Surface’s sizable, surface, swiping forwards will skip forwards and backward will skip. Moreover, swiping up or down raises or lowers volume, and press and hold to answer or to summon voice-assistance. 

Sound Quality

The sound quality is looked after by the Surface Audio app. It’s a handy app, and the five-band EQ adjustment offers a fair degree of flexibility. In the first instance, sound quality is governed by one big 13.6mm full-range driver per Earbud.  A relatively big bulky charging case at 75 x 33 x 25mm and 40g the Surface Earbud’s charging case is imposing. 

  • Performance
  • Sound varies based on fit
  • Detailed and spacious presentation 
  • Bass and hit with real purpose 

Microsoft Surface Earbuds

Every in-ear headphone needs to fit your ear, but the Microsoft Surface Earbuds are fussier than most. Take the time to make sure you have the correct ear tips and the fit is reasonably snug. In terms of tonal quality, the Earbuds certainly dig deep into the bass-line throughout Jurassic 5’s has proper weight and momentum. 

The toppy stuff is a pragmatic choice and chimes with Microsoft’s decision to limit the maximum volume to 108dB. As you’d hope, the sweep from the highest frequencies down to the lowest is smooth with nothing given undue emphasis. The tonal balance is good, and much more even-handed, similarly priced alternatives can offer.


Dynamically, the Earbuds are more than capable of dealing with the ‘quiet/LOUD/quiet’ rollercoaster ride. And their soundstage is big enough to give every instrumental strand plenty of room to operate. Nothing ever feels estranged, and the different elements of a recording are presented as a convincingly unified whole. Despite the overall attitude, the Surface Earbuds give a good impression of ‘performance’.