Know About the Biggest SEO trends in 2020

Biggest SEO Trends in 2020 to Widen Your Reach

Search Engine Optimization is a process that allows your website to appear in search results when a user searches a specific question or a keyword. Staying up to date with the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) trends is vital for a business website to earn a favorable search engine ranking. Google, one of the most widely used search engines across the world, makes many alterations in its search algorithms each year. Search Engine Optimization is important, especially for digital marketers, websites, and blogs. Here is a list of the latest trends in Search Engine Optimization that every website should keep an eye on in 2020.

Keyword Research

The primary factor that is analyzed for ranking algorithms is keywords, no matter if the search is done either with text or by speech. There are many tools that can be used to prepare your list of master keywords. The most common tools for Search Engine Optimization are SEMrush, Answer The Public, UberSuggest, and Google keyword planner.

Try to recognize topics related to your main keyword. This process will further help you to map out a list of secondary keywords related to your primary keyword.

1. Engagement Metrics

Engagement metrics are the quantity of effectiveness of the content on your website. Also, the ranking of your web site in the search results is determined by analyzing the different engagement metrics.

2. Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is a common engagement metric. It is the percentage of users that visit your website and then leave without visiting any other pages of the same website.

3. Dwell Time

The dwell time is another engagement metric used to determine the ranking of your website in search results. Dwell time is the time span between the point of time when a user clicks a search result and the point of time the user leaves that page.

4. Time on Page

Yet another factor that determines the ranking of a website in the search result is the amount of time a visitor spends on a single page of a website.

5. Return Visits

Return visits are the number of visitors that return to your web site after leaving the website previously.

6. Click to Call

Most of the websites nowadays provide a click-to-call link on their website, in order to help the customer contact the business for any queries, instantly. The number of requests made for click-to-call on a website is often used to analyze the search result ranking.

Video Marketing

One of the key trends for digital marketing and SEO in 2020 is video marketing. Videos have proven to be very useful in helping a consumer learn about a product or a service. Also, integrating videos on your websites is a great strategy to increase engagement on your business website.

It is recommended to add schema tags to accurately describe your video. Schema tags will allow the search engine to recognize the video and rank it accordingly in the search result.

These are some of the biggest trends in SEO in 2020.