Top 3 SEO Hacks for Any Business Growth In 2020

Top 3 SEO Hacks for Any Business in 2020

SEO is one of the most crucial steps of a marketing strategy. But it is also the finest technique to take your online business or blog to the top of the search engine result page. Although it is true that for a solid SEO strategy, you have to put some time and effort into it. To make your SEO strategy as efficient as possible, we have the top 3 SEO hacks that will help you boost your online business ranking in 2020.

1. The Skyscraper Technique 

This is one of the most straightforward SEO hacks and creates repeatable results. Find some high ranked content related to your business with a lot of links on it. Create better content using the same keywords and topics. Your content should be:

Relevant: Talk about your audience’s needs.
Comprehensive: Provides exhaustive information on the topic.
Up to date: It should be regularly updated with the new information.

Remember that you have to recreate the same article and not to COPY it word for word. Your content should be better in quality than the original article. In the original article, you will find some backlinks. Mostly, you can use tools like SEMrush to see all the backlinks in that article. This is a manual process, where you have to focus on the most important links. Reach out to the author of those links professionally via e-mail, and tell them that you have better articles for them to link. If you are not used to writing professional e-mails, then this step can feel like the trickiest one.

2. Use Keyword Research Tools

Another hack, is to check out free keyword research tools like Ubersuggest, Keyword Tool, or Google Search Console. Search the term you want to rank into the keyword research tool. You will find popular keywords and long-tail phrases with high search volume that you can put in your content to make it SEO productive. Do the same for all your web pages to increase their ranking on Google.

You have to modify your pages with the addition of organic keywords in it, but that doesn’t mean you have to overstuff keywords in your content. Keyword stuffing can worsen your SEO. Add keywords wherever it makes sense, and at the end of 30-60 days, you will see those modified pages ranking higher.

3. On-page SEO & Off-page SEO

On-page SEO optimization means you have to work on Meta title, description, H1 tag, image tag, URL, organic keywords, etc. of your web page. Every page of your website needs to be search engine optimized from head to toe. After completing this, you can jump into off-page SEO optimization. Moreover, off-page SEO is all about working in other reputed sites to affect search engine rankings.

This includes many things such as backlinks, blog commenting, guest posting, article submission, etc. Backlinks are known to be the heart of an off-page search engine. Moreover, a webpage with a higher number of backlinks usually ranks better over a similar site with fewer backlinks.