Everything about Top 10 Inventions in the Last Decade

Top 10 Inventions in the Last Decade

Starting from playing with smartphones in their childhood and now asking ‘assistant’ to play acoustic is the difference that has come in a decade. We have shared the top 10 inventions that have happened in the last decade, changing our way of life.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a smart assistant, installed in all devices to communicate with us. This device completely understands what we want and is able to search accordingly. Siri and Alexa, and our very own Google assistant is available in 27 different languages.


In 2010 Crispr Cas-9 was used to splice DNA successfully. In 2013, it was taken use for genome editing in a eukaryotic cell. The Chinese scientist even tried it on exchanging the genes of two twins.

SpaceX’s Reusable Rockets

They were invented in the year 2017 by Elon Musk. With his imagination he was able to execute these when the Falcon 9 launch cost $62 million a decade ago. It was a wonderful invention.


Two college students developed Venmo. It is a money-sharing app that can share money in a few clicks. It is an easy way to split your bills, pay rent, and complete other transactions. Later the company was taken by PayPal in the year 2015.

Nest Thermostat

Matt Rogers and Tony Fadell invented this device called Nest’s thermostat. It lets you preprogram the temperature schedule. When your device is connected to wifi, it will tell you if someone is at home. Then adjust the temperature accordingly. The Nest was purchased by Google for $3.2B in 2014.


The iPad is a mid-sized device, smaller than the desktop but bigger than the smartphone. It is a popular device highly used in the current scenario. This was invented in 2010. It is proving to be a fantastic device for every industry.

Self-Driving Car

A sci-fi fantasy came true. Google and Apple were working on making driverless cars in the initial five years of this decade. The self-driving cars were beta-tested in Pitsburg and Phoenix. The estimates said that it would reduce around 90% accidents and be safer for roads as well.

Consumer LED Light Bulb

Earlier the LED bulbs were costly and unfeasible, so people were not trying them. But the previous incandescent bulbs were consuming more electricity. Companies like GE and Philips manufactured the LED bulbs and offered it at a lower price. Also, these bulbs last up to 25,000 hours, under normal circumstances.

Ring Doorbell

Jamie Siminoff pitched about this doorbell in the Shark Tank in 2013 but got rejected there. Then, Amazon bought his company at $1B. They are the wifi-enabled doorbells that have a motion sensor. It offers two-way interaction via webcam when someone steps at your door.

Tesla Power Wall

Power wanted to save energy and use it when required. Tesla Power Wall, unlike other solar plants, helped in storing the energy and using it when it is needed. Thus it worked great for proper energy consumption.

These top 10 inventions are great at making our life more comfortable. We hope to have more and more inventions like this.