If You Lost Your Job Due To Corona-Virus

If You Lost Your Job Due To CoronaVirus

Due to this corona-virus pandemic and economic lock-down, millions of Americans are losing their jobs every day. Because of companies and industries are shutting down daily. Everyone is feeling the bad effects of this virus, but the people who are fighting with this virus and have lost their jobs are having the hardest times. If You Lost Your Job Due To Corona-Virus then you have to read this.

As per a recent survey, about 18% of American households or at least one member of their family had already lost their job or been temporarily fired due to the decline in the economy. Moreover, it is estimated that this number will keep on increasing day by day. The citizens would suffer more in the future due to the effects of this virus. Several states have implemented policies and launched various packages to provide aid to the people. People who are working in restaurants, bars, salons, gyms and malls and more are having the hardest times. Events have been canceled or postponed for now across the nation. The employees of the tourist and travel industry are facing many difficulties during this pandemic.

According to many other sources, only 37 percent of Americans have enough life savings to cover a $500 emergency. A study by many other organizations calculated that more than half of U.S. Americans live on daily wages. This clearly shows that half of the American nation is now facing hard times in taking out their expenses.

What To Do Now ?

If You Lost Your Job Due To Corona-Virus, then this will help you know what to do after losing the job. You can file for an unemployment claim immediately. As the department of labor released much guidance in favor of unemployed people, such as unemployment insurance for the workers impacted by COVID-19. You’ll probably receive your first payment within two to three weeks of claiming. There can be possible delays in the payment as the volume of people claiming is very high. If you want to make a small amount of money, then you can find small everyday works. Still, if you are not able to pay your everyday expenses, then you need not worry and calm yourself. You should consider your next step and or plan your future ways.

Millions of employees are staying at home and following the lock-down. Presently a large portion of the population has chances to plan the future. Several companies assured their employees by launching packages.Amazon recently announced plans to hire 1000,00 employees in the U.S. to meet the increasing demand for employment. Walmart also said that they are looking to hire 150,00 new associates through the end of May to work in stores, or at other places. Kroger is planning to hire 300,000 new shoppers in the coming months. However, finding yourself underemployed is never easy, and it can be stressful during this global crisis. Therefore, you need to keep calm and keep finding new opportunities.