Know About How Link Value Changes with the Time

Link Value Changes in Time

Recently, an expert from Google opened up about whether the value of the link goes up or down with time. He has cleared some doubts regarding link value. The answer was given on the Google webmaster central hangout. The question was, ‘Does link value change with the time’.

The meaning is, the older the link, the more value it contains. But that is not completely correct. It is incorrect to say that the value of the old link is the same as the new link. It depends on the relevancy of the content.

Does the link change over time

In theory, it means the longer a link has existed on the web, the less valuable it would be over time. That is not the complete truth. It cannot always be accurate. Does that mean the new link has less value than the older one? It is also not correct to say that a new link is intrinsically less important than an old one. It all relies on the site and the content. It relies on how appropriate the content is where the link performs.

How does value of the link change with time?

Google does not keep a record of how the link value changes with age. Link value changes with time, and it does change, but it is the site that has is responsible for the link value.

For instance, a link that has been built today could have vital value if it’s highlighted in a highly relevant news article. If the link is attached to irrelevant material, the value can be depreciated. Mostly, the value of the link is dependent on the relevancy of the content and the appropriation. 

The value of the link will eventually go down if the content in the article is irrelevant. Content relevancy is as important as building the link. This was an example of how the value of the link can depreciate. 

Link value can change, but not every time

On the other side, if the content is evergreen and there are more visitors on the sites, the clicks will also increase. If the clicks grow, the value of the link changes over time. Based on this logic, it is not wrong to say that if the content does not evolve much, then the value of the link will go down because the clicks are less on the content.  

For example, there is content on the web that is not able to gain more attention; the clicks on the link are less. Then there are chances that the value of the link will depreciate. If the link evolves later and gets attention from the viewers, the value of the link will increase from its past value. Therefore, the value of the link also depends on the attention of the viewers.

There is no magic when it comes to discovering the worth of links based on how old or new they are. Their value mostly depends on the quality of the content.