What is Natural Link Building and How does it Impact SEO

A common question that arises in our mind, ‘What is Natural Link building’? How does it impact SEO? Is it another myth, or does it have any real scenario? What is the impact on ranking and traffic? Let’s talk about the answers to such questions. 

What is Natural Link?

Natural Link building is precisely what we understand through its name, i.e., backlinks that are created naturally. Natural links are created when other bloggers or website owners link your content with their page. The content may include videos, blogs, images, products, etc. should be helpful for the readers and add values to their pages and website. 

Is Natural Link Building important?

In the SEO industry, it is accepted that having Natural Links is the best. Additionally, it is considered the fastest, safest, and even the most effective way to promote a website and a blog. By the use of natural links, you can feel more secure about your content. It prevents your traffic and ranking from getting affected by changes in the Google algorithm. 

Is it another SEO myth?

One of the real problems that are often faced by bloggers is, “How to get the Natural links?” Often, people think that it is only a myth, and the only way to get the links is to create them. If you use illegal practices, you will be caught barehanded, and Google will end your site. Doing this, you may lose your traffic as well as your ranking. To make it more difficult, Google may impose a penalty on you. 

Therefore, to get the best rankings and traffic, engage yourself in the right practices. Engage yourself in the White Hat SEO Techniques, and natural link building is one of them. 

The actual benefits of Natural Links:

  • Traffic: Indulging in Natural Links will help you to attract a broader range of traffic
  • Industry recognition: It is always beneficial to get referenced by some of the top bloggers in your industry.
  • Social shares: The posts that have natural links are the ones that get more attention on the social media network as well.
  • Better ranking: Natural links also affect the ranking, and the pages that receive those links enjoy first-page ranking.

How to get Natural Link

Write/Publish/Create good content

If you are a newbie, your content may not be linked much, but as you develop your content better and better, you will note the difference. Don’t just plan for the present, think for the future. When the traffic keeps flowing, you must have enough content to keep your audience engaged. 

Social Media

Social media might affect your ranking, but it does not lay much difference in natural link building. People like digital marketers, bloggers, writers, SEO experts, etc. are more likely to link to your content.


The best way to keep going is by writing and promoting your content on social media. Also, making relations with bloggers could be a beneficial task. Keep a fixed schedule for posting your content. It is a positive step to attract the right audience at the right time. Keep posting about 3-4 times a week rather than just 2-3 times a month.