6 Ways To Know If Your Mobile Phone Has Been Hacked

How to Tell if Your Mobile Phone Has Been Hacked

Our smartphones play a significant role in our lives. That’s why it is the device that is more transparent to get hacked by hackers. These hackers have many reasons and numerous ways to infect your device with malware or spy apps. Don’t panic; here, we will tell you ways to know if your mobile phone has been hacked.

1. Unexpected Decrease in Battery Life

If you see a decrease in your phone’s battery life more than usual, possibilities are that a hacker has gotten access to your smartphone. A smartphone compromised by malware starts showing an unusual decrease in battery life. The reason is that the malware or spy app in your phone uses your phone’s resources to scan the device and transfer the information to the criminal server. Otherwise, the more extended use of a smartphone in a day can also be a reason for low battery. 

2. Sluggish Performance

If you find frequent freezing or specific applications crashing on your phone, it might be because the malware that overloads your phone’s resources and is clashing with other applications. Sometimes you might also have experienced the continued running of applications despite closing them repeatedly. All of these might be the signs that your mobile phone has been hacked. 

3. High Data Usage

An unusual high data bill at the end of the month can be another sign that your phone has been hacked. The high data bill can come from spy apps or malware running in your smartphone’s background and sending information to the criminal server. 

4. Outgoing Calls or Texts to Unknown Numbers that You Didn’t Send

If you see a list of calls or texts to unknown numbers not done by you, it could be a sign to worry. These new numbers could be premium-rate numbers that malware is forcing your smartphone to contact to transfer your data in the cybercriminals wallet. In such a case, call the helpline number and ask for all the call details at any cost. 

5. Mystery Pop-ups

Pop-ups do not mean that your phone has been hacked. But if your phone shows constant pop-up alerts, it could mean that your phone is infected with malware that is forcing the device to view certain pages so that the hacker drives the revenue through per clicks. Even if that’s not the case, these pop-ups might contain phishing links trying to get sensitive information from the user’s mobile phone.

6. Unusual Activity on Accounts Linked to Your Phone

If a hacker has access to your phone, they would also have access to all your accounts, including social media, email accounts, and various lifestyle or productivity apps. Now hackers can do anything with your account, such as resetting passwords, sending emails, signing up for a new account, and much more. In such cases, you can be at the risk of identity fraud. The cybercriminal can get benefits in your name using your information from those breached accounts. If you see any such activity with your accounts, change the password immediately and don’t click on any unknown links.