What is Brand Voice Consistency and Why it Matters

What is Brand Voice Consistency?

The outward projection of the values of your brand is known as the voice of the brand. Retaining a consistent brand voice is very important for the success and growth of a brand. Attributes of a brand such as a sense of humor, affection, and expertise can be displayed to the customers through maintaining a brand voice consistency. The tone of brand voice plays a crucial role in how customers perceive a brand.  Regardless of the choice of brand for communicating to its customers, i.e. online or offline, the voice of the brand is an essential element in engaging the customers and propagating positive brand awareness.

To simplify, the message that a brand sends out is what the brand wants to say. The tone of voice of the brand is how the brand wants to say it. All of the content that your brand generates, including advertisements and annual reports, will reflect the brand voice. The content is recommended to be custom tailored to be complementary to the brand voice. Using a consistent tone of voice on every point where the customer interacts with the brand helps the customer to establish a comfortable relationship with the brand. This could also help to nurture brand loyalty among the customers.

Online Brand Voice

As content sharing across social media platforms has already become an inevitable part of our lives, companies often tend to lose control over their content. Sharing facilities such as retweeting, link sharing, cross posting and reposting, message forwarding, etc. can multiply the number of your message in a brief period of time. So, make sure that the original content that is being uploaded is genuine and error-free, and does not mislead people. A consistent tone of voice should also be reflected in the copywriting of content.

Writing Styles Used for Brand Voice Consistency :


Except in the most formal situations, the majority of the people choose to use contractions frequently while communicating. Examples for contractions are you’re, don’t, it’s, etc. The usage of contractions can put the readers at ease. Using contractions will generate a sense of comfort and accessibility among the customers.

Word Length and Sentence Length

If the information that you are propagating is required to be understood easily, make it short. This will also help the readers of all levels to be able to comprehend the information. Shorter sentences are easy to read and comprehend. On the other hand, longer sentences are structured in a more complicated order. Longer and more complex sentences can be used among the more sophisticated audiences and prospective customers.


The ratio of ideas to words is known as conciseness. The degree of the conciseness is increased as fewer words are used to convey an idea. This decade has witnessed the skyrocket increase in the use of social media and digital platforms across the globe. Companies have realized that emphasizing a brand voice consistency is the need of the hour. Brand voice consistency reflects the reliability of the brand among the customers.