Know about The Google Merchant Promotions

Google Merchant Promotions

If you have ever done a product search on Google, chances are you may have come across Google’s Merchant Promotions service. But you might not know that Google released the Merchant Promotion service in late 2012 and most merchants are still not aware of it. This means there is an ample opportunity for you to start and take a competitive advantage with this conversion-boosting ad service.

For consumers, Merchant Promotions serve as extensions on Google Shopping ads. You can search any product on Google such as boots, and a product listing will appear with a “Special Offer” text beneath it. Clicking on this “Special Offer” will show shoppers the offer description and give them the option to shop immediately.

Why is this Ad Service so Great?

We have listed the critical benefits of Merchant Promotions below:

  1. Google Merchant Promotion service targets those shoppers who are always looking for a deal. When they see a “Special Offer” tag on the page, they immediately jump to the ad.
  2. Merchant Promotions provides users with the ability to schedule promotional dates, which also gives a huge advantage for most retailers.
  3. The link and icon differentiate the ad, highlighting your ad among your competitors listing.
  4. This extension clearly defines the promotional details before your site is visited. This way, you can pre-qualify traffic before you pay a dime.

Here’s How to Create Your Promotions:

Step 1: Create your Promotions Feed & Fill Out Interest Form

Before you start creating your promotions, you need to have an active product feed linked to Google and a Google AdWords account created. Also, you will need to fill out Google’s merchant promotions interest form. It may take up to 72 hours to get final approval.

Step 2: Create the Promotion

You can set your promotions via two options i.e., using the promotions tool or creating a promotion feed.

Option 1: Using the Promotions Tool

If you have a small number of promotions, this can be the most suitable option for you. To use this tool, follow the instructions below:

  • Log in to your Merchant Center account
  • Select “Merchant Promotions” from the left-hand navigation
  • Click Promotions
  • Click the “+” icon
  • Enter the promotion details and click Save.

Google allows users to add up to 10 promotions for one item. You can use the “promotion_id” option up to 10 times for a product.

Option 2: Creating Promotions Feed

If you have a large number of promotions, we also recommend you use a promotion feed. To do this manually, you can create a spreadsheet with all the required columns for the feed.

Step 3: Choose Products for Your Promotion

Once you have created the promotions, it’s time to apply them to specific items. You can do this by mapping the promotion_id to the desired SKUs in your product feed.

Step 4: Submitting Your Promotions

You can ignore this step if you used the promotions tool. You will need to register and upload the feed for review for those creating a Google Merchant Promotions feed.

After all these steps and the final review, you can submit the form and see your listing on Google Merchant Promotion Dashboard.