All you Need to Know about Digital Marketing Prices

Digital Marketing Prices

The requirement of digital marketing in today’s time is at an all-time high. There is massive competition arising among different people in the field. In these times, it might be challenging to fix the prices. To get more clients, it is essential to have the best prices for digital marketing. Digital marketing prices should be set in such a manner that would create a beneficial situation for both the client and the marketer. 

The prices are dependent upon the type of job being asked to do. You have to make a comparison among the people of the same industry and set the best prices for digital marketing the services. As you improve your skills, you will get paid better than before. Digital marketing can provide you with secure financial future options. 

Digital Marketing Pricing Options

Here we will discuss the best digital marketing pricing options:

1. Package services

You can create different packages for various services. Clients can directly choose the best package according to their feasibility. In doing this, you should have the proper information about the price of those services. It is essential to have the appropriate knowledge of work before taking any task.

2. Individual pricing

This will help the client to choose individual services in a better way. Based on the need, it would be easy to select the service individually. Some people do not want to share their personal information. This individual pricing can help them.

3. Price estimator

Here, clients can build their bundle of work. They can select the services based on the price. They can make their package by selecting the different services being offered. Several tools that are available online can help you do price estimation.

4. Prices based on hours

This is quite an awkward technique. People with low budget options may choose these services. Clients that have some small jobs can also select these options. The larger companies that have regular work will also pay on an hourly basis. These big companies have great budget options. They care about the service, not money. 

Different tasks have different prices. For example, a content writer may ask for $16 to $100 per hour, whereas an SEO creator will ask $100 to $150 per hour. But this type of work requires highly skilled people. 

These days, video marketing services are at an all-time high. These video creators ask for anywhere around $19 to $100 per hour. 

5. Price based on the task

Some task requires more hard work and time investment. The costs for these tasks would be high when compared with easy tasks. The work which is to be done based on the commands are given by the clients, will be charged relatively higher prices. Based on the quality of the work, several negotiations anywhere between 15%-20% can be made. 

A large organization will ask for more prices while an individual marketer will provide reasonable pricing options. On the initial stage, a content writer can ask for $25 for an article of 350-400 words.


You should seek different marketers before finalizing anybody. Compare prices and choose the best one. The offer made should be based upon the experience and the quality of sample works.