The World’s Most Innovative Companies

Technology in Innovative Companies

In the 21st Century, we are focusing on making flying cars, and we have the greatest technology in innovative companies. Many technologies are beneficial in different sectors of life, from essential fun to life-saving instruments. Technological innovations are augmented reality that brings smiles and laughter in more than 163 billon faces.

World’s Most Innovative Companies

We have shared the world’s most innovative companies that are assisting in making our dream come true.

  • Snap: It is the world’s most innovative company of 2020. Snap is the only platform with functioning AR.
  • Microsoft: 91% of the largest companies are using Microsoft Teams. It is America’s most preferred messenger. Microsoft teams have features from chats to calls to video meeting and third-party apps for ease in workflow
  • Tesla: It is the third most innovative company in 2020. It delivered almost 400,000 vehicles last year. It has recently opened a factory in China to deliver electric vehicles.
  • Big Hit Entertainment: Fans of BTS use the app of Big Hit Entertainment to connect and shop. They are not only mobilizing music fans but are also monetizing them.
  • HackerOne: HackerOne acts as a connecting link between business and government agencies of Hackers. Moreover, Hackers test the system for money and clout.
  • White Claw: Breaking all the gender norms, White Claw came up with an innovative approach. However, it has an elegant black-and-white logo and men +-women hanging out together as a marketing strategy.
  • Shopify: Shopify helped many entrepreneurs to start their business. Moreover, it has launched innovative tools for the customers for easy of payment and logistics
  • Canva: Leaving behind all the Presentation apps, Canva made a user-friendly application. It allows users to edit the slides from the mobile device. Canva’s template helps users in many ways.
  • Roblox: A gaming platform that lets you play games as well as to develop one game for yourself.
  • Zipline: Zipline is the first-ever medicinal company that delivered medicines using drones. It has covered twenty thousand hospitals and served 12 million people in less than a year of its launch.
  • KaiOS Technologies: It is the most popular mobile operating system, which ensures a full smartphone feature. It is the 2nd largest mobile platform after Android in India
  • Beyond Meat: It innovated the fake chicken, which tastes exactly like the original. It also introduced beef crumbles and sausages for KFC.
  • Bravado: It is the merchandising division of the Universal Music group. It started the artist-themed pop-ups as well.
  • Meesho: Meesho is an India-based social commerce platform that has helped more than 2 million people to become digital shopkeepers. The app builds your online store by choosing a merchandising company. This app has helped most of the homemakers to gain money without stepping out of the home.
  • Spotify: There are many podcasting apps, such as Anchor, Parcast, and The Ringer. Spotify has started the Podcasting feature. It has also introduced microcosm and a tool that inserts ads using the listener’s details.


We are glad to share the world’s most innovative companies in 2020 and their achievements in the different aspects of life. We hope you got inspired while reading them.