Everything about Facebook Rebranding Strategy

A company that everyone is a fan of changed their outlook in November 2019. Here, we are talking about the social media platform, which is now the backbone of many social media applications, and that is Facebook. In November 2019, Facebook rebranded its platform with a new typeface logo and design. The Facebook rebranding was apparent they wanted to build trust and clear themselves from previous scandals. Also, the company’s advisors recommended that Mark rebrand Facebook so that people can easily differentiate between Facebook as a parent company and what services it provides to users. This is the second time Facebook has rolled out rebranding in the year 2019. Facebook now owns Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Workplace, Portal, and other companies. In this article, we are going to discuss the Facebook rebranding strategy.

Facebook Rebranding Strategy

This article will explain why Facebook adapted the rebranding strategy and why your company should also follow it. Below are four of Facebook’s rebranding strategies.

1. Create Value in Customer’s Minds

A few years ago, Facebook’s privacy scandal became popular, and the public gathered attention to it. The Cambridge Analytica scandal wasn’t the only scandal where Facebook compromised users’ privacy. Also, the regularity of scandals and privacy concerns has affected public thinking and trust. This has led to campaigns where people endorse slogans like- Boycott Facebook, Delete Facebook, and many other campaigns that are still continuously posted on Twitter. Facebook’s new typeface focuses on sharing its users’ stories, which can be seen as the fundamental reason for Facebook’s existence.

2. Separate Yourself from Chaos

Facebook owns multiple apps and online platforms across payment offerings, social media networking, shares, and virtual reality. Moreover, the rebranding of Facebook separates and clarifies itself as a parent company. Facebook’s chief marketing officer said that Facebook’s rebranding would focus on better communication with people and businesses who use Facebook and their services to share, connect, and grow.

3. Design Plays an Essential Role in the Branding of a Company

Design, look, and interface sums up the attention seekers of a brand. Facebook also proves this, as their new design focuses on simplicity and integrity. The original typeface of Facebook has unique letterforms that make it feel more human. The bloating and the curves in Facebook’s new font are very soothing and catchy to an audience. This brings about better trust and understanding between the company and the user.

4. Consistency Matters Everywhere

Facebook’s new design is especially made to fit in and stand out wherever Facebook needs to. The new model is built to merge in every canvas. Moreover, multiple color variations make it feel more attractive. The typeface is in caps form, which means it can be written anywhere in the caps format and there is no need to capitalize the first letter only.