Best 5 Home Appraisal Websites you Need to Know

Best 5 Home Appraisal Websites

Everyone wishes to own a house in the whole of his or her life and to get the correct value of it is the most important thing. It takes a complete life to build your sweet home and in the end you must want it to be the best. Thus, look at the top best-rated home appraisal websites to settle a new owned or rented house in the US. Based on certain parameters, a family can decide which house at which cost can work best for them.

Let us go through the features of each website one by one-

1. Zillow

Zillow is an easy way to check the value of the property that you want to rent or sell in just a click. With a user-friendly app, you can look up for the values in a go with those of the prices of the neighboring houses. The information on the area and availability in various other areas will also be visible with easy GPS navigation. This website has a standard area to offer.

2. Redfin

A head-on competitor of Zillow is Redfin. However, it does not offer an online comparison but it also covers a huge market place. It has its own agent, which offers property prices at a discounted rate. Moreover, an inbuilt calculator on the website. You can book a slot and go to the visit to the property at any time of your choice. Thus, offering easy accessibility to the customer’s query.

3. Trulia

Trulia is easy to access the website to find values of homes near you but difficult to value your own property is what Trulia looks like. However, it has great features like telling about the threats near the new property. 

The affordable calculator will tell you the value of the house including interest, insurances, and other charges as well. Therefore, to all your basic knowledge, you should go with Trulia at least once before buying the house. 


By the first look, you will say this website is all about the ads and the commission that the property agent is going to take from you. For a few cases, it shows the right values but in other cases, its correctness can be doubted. 

The two good points about a realtor are that if you have a new website to make comparisons and draw a conclusion. Moreover, it shows the property with the same values near your place and hence you can compare both the properties easily.


All parents are worried about their children’s school before changing their residential place. This site ensures to locate the nearby schools in the place where you are looking for a house. However, the values for the property are not that satisfactory but one can definitely dodge some sort of decision. However, it can help in evaluating a big picture into simpler ways of looking for a home.  


This brings us to the end of our discussion on the best home appraisal websites. There is n number of websites available but what matters is their authenticity and how much exact information it is delivering. So, choose the right website, the right agent, and finally the right home!