Best Guidelines for Using Instagram to Grow your Business

Using Instagram to Grow your Business

With a whopping 1 billion users on the platform, Instagram has become one of the most popular destinations for the netizens. The United States of America ranks first in the number of Instagram users among all the countries. There are around 120 million Instagram users in the United States alone. These numbers alone are convincing enough to use Instagram as a platform to grow your business. Be it a small scale venture, or a multi-billion corporate, Instagram could be used to grow your business market effectively. Instagram also frequently launches updates with features that are specific for business and marketing. This article provides you with the best guidelines for using Instagram to grow your business and effectively reach out to your customers.

Business Profiles for Instagram

Business profiles can be of great use for brands to increase its followers and stimulate brand awareness. Moreover, these business profiles on Instagram facilitate some additional features that personal Instagram profiles do not provide. Instagram business accounts provide the feature to share contact information right on the profile. The Instagram bio of business profiles, address, and contact links can be added easily. The bio also enables sharing the specific industry your brand or business falls into.

Another perk that comes with Instagram business profiles is analytics on your Instagram account. The Insights option allows the owner of the account to access statistics on the performance and reach of the account. However, the insights do not provide an in-depth analysis of your Instagram business profile.

Third Party Tools for Instagram Analytics

Instagram provides you a default set of analytics tools that are built-in to the applications. This is a good tool to start with. But some third-party tools are available online that could help you dig deeper. Squarelovin is a free Instagram analytics tool capable of giving you additional insight into the growth of your Instagram profile. The performance levels of your posts can be analyzed by breaking them down into different time spans such as yearly, daily, weekly or an hourly basis. Other tools such include Hootsuite, Instafollow,, and Crowdfire, which also provide some unique benefits for Instagram analytics.