Best Guide for Different Types of Instagram Filters

Instagram Filters

Filters are our savior in the digital world. Especially for people who don’t have a high budget for pictures. Even if you don’t have the talent of editing pictures, trust me, filters are your savior. A filter can change or add meaning to the picture if used properly. It can help set the mood, too. This in turn can lead to more engagement, likes, and shares. Instagram offers you a range of filters. And honestly, filters can be confusing at times. Amidst these filters how would you know which one is right for you? To lessen this chaos, here is your guide to Instagram Filters.

List of Instagram filters that are most used:

Out of the 25 filters that Instagram offers you, here is a list of filters that are most used:

  • Clarendon– This is the most used filter of Instagram. It is because it enhances your picture seamlessly. This adds light, hues, and tones such that they don’t look out of the box. It is the most loved filter of Instagram.
  • Valencia– If you want your pictures to have a little retro vibe, then this filter is for you. Valencia adds a yellow tint to your pictures. Thereby making it look like pictures from your old albums.
  • Mayfair– This filter adds warmth to your picture. It makes the picture look subtle. Mayfair is useful for bright or underexposed pictures.
  • Juno – Juno filter adds cool color to your picture. This filter is used to brighten warm colors and intensify the tones.
  • Gingham – If you are looking for vintage vibes, then Gingham is for you. This filter sets the vintage mood by desaturating colors. Unlike Valencia, this filter sets the nostalgic mood of the picture.
  • Lark– If you are someone who loves capturing nature, then this is your filter. Lark brightens and intensifies the warm colors. This provides a pump of hues which is sober to look at.
  • Sierra– Still life shots and nature shots often don’t look good in pictures. They require proper light setup, background, and high-quality cameras that can portray it the way they are. But, what would you do if you don’t have a budget? Well, if you lack the budget front, then don’t worry! Take out your phone camera, click the picture and add Sierra filter to your picture. This filter makes your picture look sophisticated and soft.
  • Walden– If you want to give your pictures a touch of cool color, then Walden it is. Walden is the filter that gives your picture an icy blue tint. This filter is preferred for portraits.


These are the most used Instagram filters. Apart from this you can always experiment and try out new ones. You can also create one. These days Instagram is also offering various filter options on their stories. Go and try your hands on them. Honestly, filters are the easiest way to edit pictures. Most of the filters offered by Instagram are the ones that will make your pictures look subtle. There are a few filters that add light from various angles. Take pictures and try your hands on new filters.