Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends to be Focussed During a Pandemic

Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends During a Pandemic

What are the most significant digital marketing trends? What makes users digitally interested in your brand? Here are the top 7 digital marketing trends that need to be the focus during a pandemic:

1. The Scaling of Social Influencer Marketing

Influencers managed to be tremendous stars or internet celebs with millions of fans. Now, businesses are using people with an extremely smaller social media audience to leverage as influencers and lead a targeted audience with a view they believe. Influencer marketing has developed to match more personalized needs. However, 92% of people believe other buyer guidance over the corporate advertisement. 

2. Ad Engagement Videos

Digital budgets have grown 25% over the year. User viewing habits describe this budget increase to show that advertisers go where their consumers are giving their time. As per the IAB:

  • 74% of U.S. users of 13 years and older watch streaming or online video weekly, and 41% watch every day.
  • 78% of digital video watchers view promotion in replacement for available content.

Therefore, it is time to take streaming and live video ads seriously.

3. Evolving Technology

From 5G technology on smart devices to advancements in AI, sound, and connected TVs, how users involved with ads will surely transform in the upcoming year: 5G technology will change how people access and use content, and involving mobile usage will dramatically improve amongst global viewers. Voice search for active speakers will remain to expand as homes resume using Siri, Alexa, and Google Home, and while developers advance to make changes to mastery.

4. Interactive Content is Catching On

90% of consumers seem to like more interactive content online. Content marketing will turn its focus to give viewers more of whatever they require. The purpose of interactive content will be one of 2020’s top marketing trends because this level of interactivity in retail is a unique and innovative take. 

5. Moments that Go Mainstream

People usually make immediate choices on what to have, which eatery to choose, what to buy, or where to travel. However, this tactic looks to take benefit of showing a related ad at the right place, at the precise time, and to the correct audience. Today, the consumer journey is growing more of a rotating funnel wherein people think, see, or talk about something and then desire to learn about it, see it or buy it, all at the moment. Expectations are high, and perseverance is low.

6. Stories of Social Media

Many of the social media platforms came up with an idea of “My Story,” where users can create a video on the spot and can upload with a less polished and more authentic look. For marketers, this is an excellent opportunity as it might help in an increase in brand awareness, regular engagement, improving the traffic, and the chance to reach the modern audience. 

7. Content experiences merges content marketing

Each piece of content carries an experience both bad and good by factors like design, environment, and more. Content experience is about directing the entire user experience when fastening with the content. It puts control back in the guidance of the marketer, while also adjusting on the brand exposure. Moreover, it is about assuming holistically as a marketer and is an essential part of analyzing your 2020 strategy. These are the top 7 digital marketing trends in which to focus during a pandemic.