How To Double The Organic Traffic Of Your Website

How to Double Your Organic Traffic

When you are a blogger or own a website, you know the struggle in getting visitors to your website. Sometimes, it might frustrate you that you are not getting enough traffic to your website despite working so hard. And you may already know that increasing organic traffic is not just about SEO & costly pay per click advertising. Here you will learn different methods to double the organic traffic of your website at no cost except your time.

Blog Regularly

These days blogging is the most effective way to increase the audience for your site. But to increase traffic through content marketing, your content must be well written and enjoyable to read. If your readers find your blog easy and fun to read, they will regularly read your blogs, and you will become closer to doubling the organic traffic to your website. In order to maintain the engagement of your readers, you need to be consistent by publishing at least one to two blogs per week. 

Do an SEO Audit of Your Website 

SEO auditing of a website helps a lot of bloggers and marketers to drive traffic on their website. What does an SEO audit mean? An SEO audit means to check the overall performance of your website to discover where you lack to get search traffic and sales. Due to the audit, you will be able to implement new SEO tactics to double your search traffic and sales.

 Here are some of the essential things that you should check during an audit: 

  • SEO meta titles and descriptions in your all website pages
  • Do all the blogs on your website use organic keywords? 
  • URL structure SEO optimization of your website 
  • Do all the images on your website have organic keywords in ALT tags? 
  • Are you using sufficient internal links in your content? 
  • Do all the pages and blog posts have proper format? 

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly 

You might be amazed that over 60% of visitors use mobile devices for any search on the internet. However, that number is more surprising when it comes to e-commerce sales in the U.S using mobile devices. That means it is almost mandatory to have a mobile-friendly website to double the traffic on your site.

Encourage Incoming Links

Remember that Google prioritizes a website, which has many incoming links from the other trustworthy sites. This is because internal links make your website more authoritative in the eye of the search engine. So, start encouraging your fellow bloggers to link to your website. It will increase the ranking of your website and double your organic traffic.

Use Social Media Platforms 

Make sure that you have the right presence on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to promote your blogs and website address. Furthermore, add share buttons to your website so that your family and friends can easily share your content with other people. The share button will increase the reach of your website and will help you to double your organic traffic.