The Untold Story Behind The Success of Tesla Motors


The U.S. market is known to introduce the world with some of the most amazing generations of automobiles. One such example of a prolific company has been Tesla Motors. Tesla entered the media and limelight in 2013 under the guidance of their CEO Elon Musk, with their flagship car, Model S. Ever since then, Tesla Motors has been ruling the market and has cemented its feet in the automobile industry. But this success wasn’t easy overnight. Here is the untold story behind the success of Tesla Motors.

The Tesla Motors Flagship

Tesla’s flagship release has been making statements in the market, with not only the buyers but also managed to catapult the company into the spotlight as one of the most amazing independent electric car presenters. The Model S, a sleek luxury sedan, starting at the price of $69,000, has received top ratings from the trade industry and the news media. By September 2014, the car gained popularity and had hit sales records in the United States with 2,500 sold cars. Soon the company capitalized its worth to $31.3 billion by the end of the year 2015.

Hence this remark suggests clearly that Tesla was not an overnight success, and it is not a mere start-up. Tesla, over time, managed to become a pioneer in the electric car industry. Initially, the company was founded in 2003 by two Silicon Valley engineers, named Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning.

Formation of Tesla Motors

Martin and Marc founded the company with a vision to prove and make electric cars better than gasoline-powered cars. The formation of the company goes back to 1990 when Tarpenning had met Eberhard and connected quickly. A few years later, through Eberhard’s connection, Tarpenning met Musk and shared his idea of an electric car with him. The goal felt so powerful, that it led to the opening of Tesla Motors in 2003, with the same mission and vision.

History of Tesla with Elon Musk

Elon Musk became the face of Tesla, and later as the CEO. During his initial career days, he wanted to be an entrepreneur and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in science, physics, and economics from the University of Pennsylvania. Later in his career, he launched PayPal, which became an incredible success in the year 2002. It was after the meeting with Eberhard and Tarpenning, when Musk officially came on board with Tesla. Tesla continued to grow and opened its manufacturing unit and plant in Fremont, CA.

By 2008, Musk became the company CEO and the product architect. That same year Tesla launched its first sports car, the Roadster. Gradually Tesla became a success story from a small idea to now manufacturing some of the greatest electric motor vehicles.


Behind every success story there is always something which remains unsaid, and what gleams as the triumph of glory. As a part of its success, Tesla Motors keeps focusing on creating electric motors and makes EV powertrain systems and components. Tesla Motors is counted amongst the few who managed to morph from a start-up to an established industry player.