Know About Combining Traditional and Digital Marketing

Combining Traditional and Digital Marketing

Technology is advancing every minute. With this advancement today we have everything on our phones. Businesses have shifted online and people have shifted to online portals for everything. This shift in our lives has created changes in the businesses, too. Businesses now have to design content for their social media. They have to be actively present on these sites and design their strategies such that it is loved by the masses. They must follow the online trends to promote their products on social media. In this article, we discuss combining both Traditional and Digital Marketing.

This drift on social media is also keeping companies on their toes. Social media accommodates people from across the globe, and many of them are online when you post on your page. This online feature gives you immediate feedback. It lets you know whether or not the audience likes your post. This immediate response at times also gives rise to crisis. One must be careful while posting on social media. 

Combining Traditional and Digital Marketing is Beneficial

Previously, the media used for promotion was through newspaper advertisements, radio, and television. Now it is being done through social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Both platforms reach out to several people. The advantage of the digital medium is that it reaches out to the international audience fast and efficiently. However, traditional and digital methods have different audiences. Hence, their marketing strategies vary, too. Does this mean that with an increase in digital media, one must leave the traditional media? If you think so, then you are wrong. Both the mediums help you reach out to people. Why not combine them? Moreover, combining traditional and digital marketing will be beneficial.

Promoting Online and Offline 

Digital marketing means promoting online. It includes social networking sites. On the other hand, traditional marketing means promoting offline. Traditional marketing includes billboards, newspaper advertisements, radio, or mails. However, if you combine the two of them, it will will give you larger publicity. They may offer different results, but what matters is that they both complement each other. Online and offline marketing will help you convert consumers. Not everyone is online or offline. When you work on both the mediums, your audience range automatically increases. 

Now, how can you combine traditional and digital marketing? Before we learn how to combine, you need to understand the following:

  • Traditional marketing targets age, location, interest, and lifestyle.
  • Use both the mediums to offer a personalized experience.
  • Through traditional media, you can ask your consumers to come online.
  • Promote digital on traditional and traditional digital.

CTA (call to action)

The above mentioned four points are the basics. These points will help you combine both the mediums. As traditional marketing focuses on geo-targeting, you can target those particular audiences online as well. Show them your newspaper offer online as well as your online offer on billboards. A call to action must be included, and once the consumer follows the call to action, keep a follow-up. Send them emails, messages, and phone calls. 

Digital Magazines

These days, offices have started with digital magazines. Did you notice what they did here? Magazines are included in traditional marketing. They digitize them. This way they converted their offline customers into online customers. If you are smart enough to make strategies that combine both the marketing strategies, then you will have a wider audience reach.