Know about The Success Story of Apple

The Success Story of Apple

Generally, a company dominates and then disappears, but that’s not the case with Apple. The Apple company is among the rare companies that continuously dominate multiple industries for years through its distinct innovations. Thanks to Steve Jobs (died in 2011), who built a lasting company intending to inspire the world for generations. In this article, we will discuss the success story of Apple.

In 1977, Steve Jobs, with his high school pal Steve Wozniak, founded Apple. Later in 1980, Apple went public, and at that time, the company’s worth was about $100 million under the leadership of Jobs. Jobs left Apple in 1985, but luckily rejoined in 1997.

After facing many hurdles until 2010, Apple has become one of the most valuable companies in the world. The main reason for Apple’s ongoing success is the best performance and unique design of its products. From 2012 onwards, Apple has started to occupy the top slot in the world. In 2018, the company made history by becoming the world’s first $1trillion company as measured by market capitalization.

History of Apple’s Innovative Products

Starting from the year when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple, they first introduced Apple I, which was a computer with just a motherboard and without a monitor or keyboard. Introducing Apple I helped the company to get capital to build Apple II. After that, Apple III and the Apple Lisa came into the market, but the company failed these attempts and started facing trouble.

In 1984, Apple released Macintosh but still received disappointing revenue, and the internal struggle for the company continued. After this, Apple’s board of directors dismissed Steve Jobs in favor of John Sculley. Jobs started working for NeXT Inc. Under Sculley’s leadership, Apple enjoyed its growth and created many new products Macintosh Portable, PowerBooks, Newton, and much more. Ultimately, this led Apple to grow financially also.

Meanwhile, two CEOs, i.e., Michael Spindler and Gil Amelio, failed on the spread of IBM clone running Microsoft. Until that time, Windows became the Industry-standard over the Apple OS. Then Amelio went to Jobs to address Apple’s OS issue, and this lead to the comeback of Jobs to the company in 1997.

Just after Steve‚Äôs comeback, the company launched iMac with Job’s strong marketing campaign featuring the “Think Different” slogan. Apple has spent a large amount of time and money in marketing and branding. iMac has made a difference in the market because of its beauty and unique design. Due to this, it has become Apple’s best selling product in the market.

Current Scenario for Apple Brand

Continuously from the past eight years, Forbes has listed the Apple Company among the most valuable brand in the world. With time, Apple’s exclusive services and brand loyalty have become another reason behind its success. The services like iTunes or Apple Music, app store, iCloud, and Apple Pay, helps the company to drive a lot of revenue and brand loyalty.

After the death of Steve Jobs, the current CEO of the company is Tim Cook. The company is still one of the most dominant tech companies in both market share and stock price. However, some analysts believe that without the guidance of Jobs, Apple has become less transformative with the release of its products. And the company has become more reliant on the release of iPhones to maintain its financial success. Yet, the company still creates some of the best products with the most integrated ecosystem.