Best Strategies to Increase your Twitter Followers

Twitter is one of the top social networks with more than 330 million users active in the platform. Twitter is a platform that allows you to connect easily to a global audience. Although conventional social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are more popular, the growing Twitter audience has its relevance; the millennial audience present in Twitter, can be beneficial for businesses, from a marketing perspective. Most of the users on Twitter are sophisticated and college-educated. Most of the users follow specific Twitter handles of businesses in order to keep themselves updated about their latest products. Here are some suggestions to increase your Twitter followers strategically.

Increase Your Twitter Followers Strategically:

Optimize your profile in Twitter

Updating and optimizing your Twitter profile is the primary step, to increase your Twitter followers. Most of the followers browse through your profile, before deciding whether to follow the account or not. The most important element of your Twitter profile is your profile picture. Whenever you upload a tweet online, the profile picture also appears along with your Twitter username.

Twitter allows you to display your profile picture in a circular format. So it is recommended to resize and place your image to be visible inside the circular boundary. While uploading your profile picture, it should be kept in mind that anything that is located towards your image will not appear in your profile image.

Most business profiles use their logo as their profile picture of their Twitter handle. Your bio is as equally important as your profile picture. A brief and informative bio attracts users. Be genuine and get creative with your bio. Make sure that the audience can easily comprehend what you do and other essential information with a few glances in your profile.

Follower Engagement

Keeping your existing followers in the loop is equally important as gaining new followers for your Twitter handle. Social media marketers do not use the follower count as the sole basis of the growth of a brand online; interaction with followers is vital for integral growth. It is important to make sure that the information that you post is being consumed by your followers. Engaging with your followers more often, in turn, leads to increased visibility and reach. When you engage with your followers, they will often build trust in your brand. They are also more likely to share content that you post across different platforms.

Create Twitter Routines for Posting Content

Be organized and consistent in posting content on your Twitter handle and gradually develop a routine. The Twitter handles that do not post regular content are prone to losing followers.

Scheduling your tweets is important to increase the visibility and reach of your tweets. It is impractical to post when there are a few followers active on Twitter. A practical solution to this problem is to post your tweets when there are more followers present on Twitter. According to data compiled by Sprout Social, most followers are active on Twitter on Fridays, around 9 to 10 AM.

The quality of your content is also important to increase your reach. Include infographics, images, and videos to engage your followers. These suggestions help you to gain substantial growth in the number of your Twitter followers.