Simple Guide to Human-Centered Content Marketing

Human Centered Content Marketing

We are adapting ourselves to technology, so much that it is now seen in our content. With the invasion of technology, we have become more ‘tech’ centered. Especially with the digital wave, our focus has shifted. Our concentration is on generating content that fits the SEO. It is filled with keywords that entice robots. This in turn brings your blogs, articles, etc on the top of searches. These activities have led to the loss of human-centered content marketing. We lack content that touches the human heart and strikes the human mind. Rather, we are only focusing on SEOs and keywords. Why is there a need for human-centered content marketing? Why must we focus on humans rather than technology?

Your articles need a human touch to trend amongst them. No human would want to read posts or watch videos that emphasize technical aspects more. But, it is necessary to focus on them, too. How exactly do you go about it? How do you make content that not only emphasizes humans but also technicalities? Here is a simple guide that can make you do both efficiently.

Tell a Story

Everybody loves reading stories. Always talk about your product/service in the form of a story. Storytelling grabs attention and it covers the maximum possible points. History, mission, vision, values, etc all can be covered in a story. It helps you give a flow to your content. Not only must your text tell a story, your videos must also narrate a story. Story narration never goes out of fashion. But remember, due to the lacking attention span, your story must be short. Ensure that your story is short and to the point. 

Create Curiosity

Humans love solving riddles. To keep people hooked, create curiosity. Drop hints of your next project. This will keep your audience intrigued. It will give rise to expectations. They want to know what happens next. Try to keep them hooked without making them lose their interest. Once you induce expectations, then you have to be quick. Expectations can lead to positive or negative outcomes. You must be witty and quick. Select the day, date, and time as to when you will drop the climax. Don’t be too late or too early. Just be on time. 


This digital world has connected all of us, but it has disconnected people in real life. Admit it, we are all hooked to our mobile phones and laptops. We only text and don’t talk. So, why not change this adversity into opportunity? (An opportunity to connect) Keep in mind that your content must be able to bring people together. It must induce a sense of togetherness. For example, many mental health sites ask people to share their stories. This makes people believe that they are not alone. This trick will work in your favor, since you will be digitally connecting people.

Use Videos

Videos in any form induce emotions at par. When we watch a video, we feel empowered, disgusted, happy, or sad. A video is powerful. Try and post videos that trigger any emotion, in a positive sense. Add videos of satisfied and happy customers. If your brand supports a cause, then post videos supporting the cause.


Make and post relevant content. Relevant content always connects with the audience. Do your homework before you make content. Do thorough research before you talk about anything. This will mark your credibility and will increase trust. The more relevant your content, the more trust you gain.