Know about the Top SEO Strategies for Facebook


Facebook is a social networking site catering to connect people from across the globe. Facebook connects you to people, communities, and friends. It is a platform that allows you to promote your work to the world. Just like other social networking sites, you can promote your business here. But, you need to connect to the right audience. These days, almost 7 out of 10 adults in the US use Facebook. How as a business will you promote your business to your audience? How do you make sure that your content is reaching your targeted audience? To ensure that your hard work is not going in vain, read the following blog. In this article, we are going to discuss the best SEO Strategies for Facebook.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy that helps reach your content to your audience. It not only works for Google searches. SEO strategies also work for social networking sites. The more people that connect and share your connection the more benefits you will get. When people share your content, they form a chain. So, this chain exposes your content to a large audience. Moreover, this step might even lead to your content show up on Google searches. SEO ensures that your post gets maximum clicks. Thereby, helping increase traffic on your page.

SEO Strategies for Facebook

Henceforth, it is important for you to know the top SEO strategies for Facebook. 

  1. User Name – Your user name must be easily available. It must not be different from your brand name. Choose the right and easily found user name for your Facebook account.
  1. Keywords – SEO and keywords go hand in hand. Use the appropriate keywords even on Facebook. Make full use of your ‘About’ Section on Facebook. Fill maximum columns in it. Try using your keywords in them. But, don’t overdo the keywords. Add or make new hashtags that describe your brand. Your hashtags work as keywords, too. For example, try searching #travel on Facebook and see the number of business accounts.
  1. Sign Up for Vanity URL – When you make your Facebook account, you get a URL. By claiming vanity URL you get an immediate SEO boost. This happens because the vanity URL customizes your URL with your company’s name. Thereby giving you an instant SEO boost.
  1. Provide Complete Information – Facebook gives you an ‘About’ page. Make sure you fill it out. The About section tells your viewers about your business. Use appropriate keywords to make it easier to search. Also, ensure you add details about your business. Details like location, time, contact, etc. If needed, add custom tags.
  1. Call to Action – Your posts must make your followers act. They must be creative and have a call to action. This also improves engagement and traffic on your page or post. So, add links, polls, votes, etc, that calls an action. Ensure your posts are impactful that they are forced to click on the links. Show them the benefits of signing up for your page.


You must follow these SEO strategies for Facebook. So, to get maximum traffic, these strategies will help with a boost. Check whether your posts are being posted strategically. Keywords and hashtags must be placed accordingly. Your feed must have a link and not look haphazard. Many times, people will connect to you because of your aesthetic feed.