Know About The Success Of TikTok Mobile App

What is the TikTok Mobile App?

In China, which is TikkTok’s country of origin, the app is known as ‘Douyin’. It was created in September of 2016, then published by the Chinese technology giant ByteDance. This company has made itself well known in China with the popular platform for personalized news content known as Toutiao. TikTok is a mobile app that happens to be completely dedicated to the creation and sharing of short music videos. Users on this app tend to generate video by recording themselves with the front camera of a smartphone doing choreography. After which, they post it on their account to be viewed by other viewers

A similar app by the name was born in Shanghai in 2014 wherein close to 13 million videos were posted on it by the end of 2015. ByteDance, after observing its success, decided to acquire it in November 2017 for an amount between 800 million and one billion dollars and then decided to merge it with Douyin. This is how TikTok Mobile app was finally born and replaced

What Can One Do On The Platform?

Once an individual has created an account, he or she should choose a song from the platform’s online music list. After that, the user can choose to film over the front camera by trying to lipsync with the song. On TikTok, videos that last fifteen seconds can then further be treated with various special effects such as speed function to slow down or speed up the movement, and filters along with visual effects.

Once shared, these videos then happen to appear on the user’s account. Users then collect likes and subscribers based on the videos. Now it has been observed, that users are trying to create unique challenge videos that are trending on the platform. It should be remembered that users, like using any other social networks, can write a description that guides the video. They can also choose whether they want to allow comments or not.

TikTok allows its users to be immensely creative very quickly and easily. One doesn’t need an advanced computer or any other latest and trending editing software as well. In seconds, even the most beginner user can successfully end up editing their video, adding sound, filters, and publish it.

Why is it so popular?

TikTok provides an easy way for even the youngest users to become as famous as their other internet celebrities. Lastly, with TikTok growing this quickly in popularity, it is important that users do not happen to fall behind. Popular content creators always need to keep mixing out new and more unique content to keep themselves relevant and popular.

This brings us to the end of our discussion on the success of the emerging social media platform, TikTok Mobile app. Now, do let us know some of your personal thoughts on the same. Also, please mention if you are on that platform or not.