Everything about The Top 10 Investors in the World

Top 10 Investors in the World

You do not have to be wealthy to be an investor. You only need to smartly invest in the right asset or community that gives you high returns. Therefore, to help you to learn more investing strategies, we are here with the top 10 investors in the world.

1. John “Jack” Bogle

The Vanguard Group is the second-largest mutual fund company. The founder of the company is John ” Jack” Bagle. Keeping some basic rules to follow for the investment, he also grew his investing capacity. The followers of him are known as Bogleheads.

2. Warren Buffett

One of the most successful investors in the world is Warren Buffett. He is known for his investing style all over the world. His investment strategy is pretty simple; buying companies at a lesser price, improvising it by any ethical means, and looking for long term improvements in stock price.

3. Philip Fisher

The well-renowned father of investing in growth stocks is Philip Fisher. In 1931, he started his investment organization and managed it until the age of 91. Moreover, two key terms he focused on were management characteristics and the characteristics of business. He published a book called Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits in which he explained his strategies well closely.

4. Benjamin Graham

A Teacher and a Mentor of the Warren Buffet is Benjamin Graham. Benjamin gained the role of Father of Value Investing for his work. He not only made money for himself but also for his client, without risking in the stock market. The Intelligent Investor is the most famous book on investing, where Benjamin has told about the investing philosophies.

5. Bill Gross

A founder and a manager of PIMCO, Bill Gross is also popularly known as the King of Bonds. He focused on buying individual bonds. Also, his fundamentals are the ability to formulate and articulate a long-term outlook.

6. John Templeton

The creator of the modern mutual fund is John Templeton. Moreover, at the start, he bought around 100 shares of the company below $1. He was also described as the Ultimate Bargain Hunter.

7. Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn is known as a ruthless corporate raider or a leader in shareholder activism. He invests in those companies that are poorly managed. He is also known as a value investor, and he focuses on the companies that are undervalued.

8. Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch is the leading manager of the Fidelity Magellan Fund. Under his management, his assets grew from 20 million USD to 14 billion USD in over 13 years. Also, he had his own set of 8 fundamentals, which he follows in the selection process.

9. George Soros

The title of the man who “Broke the Bank of England” was entitled to George Soros. He is also known for Quantum Fund. When he was the lead manager of the company, it generated more than 30% of its average annual return.

10. Michael Steinhardt

The record he achieved stills stands out on Wall Street. He gained 24% compound average annual returns, which was double than the S&SP500 in the same period for over 28 years. He focused on the long-term and invested in short terms as a strategic trader.


Knowing and learning about the top 10 investors in the world, you must have gained enough motivation and encouragement to become the best investor.