How to Perfectly Use Hashtags to Increase your Social Shares

Hashtags are essential for marketing on social media. It’s a smart way to mark and search for information on social media. It makes your content discoverable and helps you to find other people and companies similar information. It allows you to connect and engage with other users of social media based on a common theme or interest. Hashtags can increase awareness, get more people to see your content than just followers, and increase your social shares.

Few methods to use hashtags properly are :

1. Choose easy and effective hashtags

When choosing a hashtag, it’s essential to ensure that you pick something people are looking for and that they can easily remember. Lots of hashtags are distributed across the social media universe.

Your hashtag should be short, accurate, and spell-simple. It should clearly describe the topic.

2. Use trending hashtags

A trending hashtag is a perfect way to raise awareness for the brand. Make sure it adds value to your existing conversation before you use a hashtag in your social media post.

3. Use hashtag over multiple channels of social media marketing-

Hashtags are an integral component of all sites within social media. Hashtags give more exposure to your brand so that you can spread the word about your product to the massive public. Furthermore, people can quickly remember your hashtag if you use it on various social media platforms several times.

Twitter: Please do not use more than two hashtags per tweet for better interaction due to character count restrictions.

4. Before using, search the hashtag

Test every social media platform to make sure you don’t use the hashtag for the wrong reason. Also, make sure you don’t pick something you can interpret differently.

5. Be precise

As a marketer, you want to reach the target audience using a hashtag, particularly during special events and chats on Twitter. But if you want others to join in the conversation, you need to engage with them. Therefore you should use the unique hashtag.

6. Don’t overuse hashtags

Make sure each post has a maximum of two hashtags. Too many hashtags will put the wrong impression on your followers. You typically should not use more than one or two hashtags per message. The safest option is to use just one hashtag. It is also essential to avoid using them in every single post you post, as social media users are wary of companies trying too hard to promote themselves.


The secret to a hashtags is the ability to link your brand to many issues that are common and easily visible. It will push your social media to new audiences and will assist you to connect with them. It will help you to extend your scope to targeted users and boost customer relationships when you use hashtag carefully. The more relaxed your followers feel on social media, the more likely they will engage with you with your brand.