The Top 8 Industries in the US to Apply For a Job

Top 8 Industries in the US to Apply For a Job

This article explains what it takes to own a job with a better salary, renowned position, top industry, and many more things. Let us look at the top industries of the US to apply for a job that can help you in getting phenomenal growth in your career.

The list is as follows:

1. Healthcare and Social Assistance

  • Job type: Social service worker, healthcare maid, nurse, doctors, etc.
  • Salary: For doctors, the pay is $208,000, a nurse is paid around $35 per hour.
  • Educational Qualification: Doctors require degrees, and nursing can be settled upon diplomas also.
  • Growth & Opportunities: 16% expected growth by 2028.

2. Educational services

  • Job type: Tutor, teacher, educator, counselor, principal, etc.
  • Salary: Range from $26,000 to $95,000 (for principal).
  • Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees and diploma also work in some cases.
  • Growth & Opportunities: 12% growth is expected by 2028.

3. Construction Industry

  • Job type: Carpenter, electrician, painter, etc.
  • Salary: $17, $25, $45 per hour for basic workers, craftsmen workers, managers, respectively.
  • Educational Qualification: High school degree for lower-level worker and bachelor’s degree for supervisory level.
  • Growth & Opportunities: Around 2% growth is expected.

4.  Leisure and Hospitality Industry

  • Job type: Cook, server, food worker, lodging manager, etc.
  • Salary: wages per hour is $10.45, excluding tip. For foodservice managers, it is around $54,240.
  • Educational Qualification: Lower jobs require high school diplomas.
  • Growth & Opportunities: 9% growth in the next ten years is expected.

5. Professional and Business Services

  • Job type: Architects, engineers, researchers, scientists, HR managers, sales managers, etc.
  • Salary: Tech jobs pay around $80,000, and also management jobs pay around $121,000, and executive-level are paid like $83,610.
  • Educational Qualification: All types of degrees as per the nature of the job- from high school to post-grad.
  • Growth & Opportunities: It will grow by 8% on an average by 2028.

6. Mining and Oil or Gas Extraction

Having faith in the extraction of natural resources is the core of this industry.

  • Job type: Petroleum engineer, operations manager, truck driver, etc.
  • Salary: Petroleum engineers make around $137,170, tech people get $53,300 and roustabouts earn around #37,580
  • Educational Qualification: Engineering may require a higher degree, and drivers require a commercial license.
  • Growth & Opportunities: It will increase by around 6% since 2018.

7. Self Employed (Non-Agricultural)

Being self-employed is a dream for many Americans.

  • Job type:  It includes jobs like writers, doctors, electricians, lawyers, etc.
  • Salary: Ranges from $200-$300 per hour.
  • Educational Qualification: Degrees for professions like lawyers, doctors, and vocational training for others.
  • Growth & Opportunities: BSL is expecting growth of around 6% by 2028.

8. Financial Activities

Jobs in real estate, banking, insurance, accounting, etc. comes under financial activities. 

  • Job type: Accountant, auditor, financial advisor, agent, bank teller, underwriter, and many more.
  • Salary: Customer representatives are salaried at $14/hour, real estate agents make around $50,300, accountants, auditors have more than $70,500, and investment sales staff holds salary around $64,120.
  • Educational Qualification: For jobs like representatives, at least a high school diploma is required, and for profiles like accountants, auditors, etc. a bachelor’s degree is required.
  • Growth & Opportunities: It expects to have at least a 3% growth by 2028.


We have shared the top industries in the US to apply for a job. You can choose any of the industries as per your choice to make your future bright.