Top Instagram Metrics Every Business Should Monitor

Top Instagram Metrics That Should Be Monitored By Every Business

Starting as a simple platform for sharing photos, Instagram has grown extensively beyond the expectations of its competitor social media platforms. Today Instagram is one of the fastest expanding social media platforms with a whopping 1 billion users on the platform. There are around 120 million Instagram users in the United States alone. These numbers alone are convincing enough to use Instagram as a platform to grow your business. Be it a small scale venture, or a multi-billion corporate, Instagram could be used to grow your business market effectively. Instagram also frequently launches updates with features that are specific for business and marketing. The importance and impact of using Instagram as a platform for expanding your brand awareness are vital. Here is a compilation of top Instagram metrics every business should monitor.

Follower Growth Rate

The number of people following your profile on Instagram is one of the most important metrics that should be monitored by Instagram. The follower count can be located in the bio of your Instagram account. However, an organic increase in the number of followers indicates that your brand is gaining exposure among a wider audience.

Engagement Rate

When you are just starting with your Instagram profile, your engagement metric may not be important. But as your profile begins to gain more followers and start uploading posts regularly on Instagram, engagement rate becomes an important metric. Engagement rates include different interactions of your followers such as comments, reposts, and likes.

However, the algorithm of Instagram is designed in a similar structure to that of its parent company, Facebook. This means that engaging more of your followers will increase the probability of your posts being displayed in the feeds of their immediate follower network.

Engagement Per Post

Engagement per post can be defined as the average engagement rate generated from the total number of posts uploaded on your Instagram Profile. To calculate engagement per post, calculate the total number of likes and comments received by your content on the past one week and divide that number by the total number of posts uploaded in your account.

Click-Through Rate

In terms of linking out your website, Instagram does appear to be much more liberal. Instagram does provide you the option to insert a clickable link in your profile section. The click-through rate is the number of your followers that use the link provided in your Instagram bio to go to your website. Use to generate a trackable URL so that you can easily calculate the click-through rate.

Hashtag Growth Rate

Hashtags are crucial elements that impact growth in Instagram. Many content marketers tend to overlook the importance of hashtag growth rate as an Instagram metric. Create hashtags and also monitor the use of these hashtags on Instagram.


The total number of people who viewed your post on Instagram is referred to as impressions, and this data can be analyzed to understand how well your promotion campaign is working on Instagram.