Worst Content Marketing Strategies that you Shouldn't Follow

Content marketing is an important aspect of the digital world. It is necessary for you to strategically promote your content. It must reach out to the maximum number of targeted audiences. With a plethora of businesses running online, content marketing has become essential. A lot of people are doing their content marketing the right way. But, a lot of them are doing it the wrong way. Even if they are known and established brands they make mistakes. The worst content marketing strategies involve emphasizing too much on the keywords.

Content marketing must be strategized properly. It must help your product reach millions and help build a brand image or make it even better. Content marketing strategies help increase positive engagement. One must engage with the audience constantly in order to keep track. Their behavior, likes, expectations must be known to you. These strategies might also give you a boost against your competitors. But, if not planned well, they might backfire. The following blog will tell you about the worst strategies.

Some of the Worst Content Marketing Strategies :

Emphasizing too much on the keywords –

If your aim is only Google, then you must focus on keywords. But, if you have a human audience, then don’t emphasize too much on keywords. Add a touch of human-centered content in your blogs. Blog about important issues or topics.

Too many Graphics

A blog with too many graphics and no information is of no use. Similarly, a blog with no graphics and only text is also of no use. Hence keep it moderate. Your blogs must have a balance of graphics and text. Add relevant graphics only. Also, your audience must be able to get a takeaway from your blog.


A major drawback of not being consistent is the loss of the audience. If you are not consistent with posting your blogs, then you will lose your credibility. Once the credibility is gone, it will take years to regain it. But, being consistent does not mean you post the same blogs over and over again. Post at intervals. Take time to create new posts. Create an action plan if required. Be ready to make immediate changes in the action plan. Be creative, updated, and consistent with your posts.

No call to action

If your posts don’t intrigue a call to action, then are you even posting? Make sure you don’t lead your readers to dead ends. Your posts must intrigue a call to action in your readers. This will help improve and increase engagement. Also, add links, give them tasks, and offer an exchange of rewards, etc.

Fake customers

Sometimes, companies write about their customer feedback. Sometimes they make up their customers. Superficial reviews won’t lead your brand anywhere. Understand what your audience wants. Analyze your loopholes in the area of feedbacks.


Posting content is not content marketing. You must know how to distribute your content to the right audience. How will your content reach your target audience without actual promotions? Spend some time on deciding paths through which your content would reach the audience. Join hands with influencers and brands. Also, be active on social media.

These were a few content marketing strategies that ruin your brand. Try avoiding them and unleash some unique ideas.