Everything about The Top Branding Trends in 2020

Branding is a marketing domain that is practiced by creating a name, symbol, or design which differentiates a product from other products. It helps the customers to recognize your product in the market. Increasing your brand awareness can involve various tools and statistics. But the aim is to attract new customers while retaining loyal ones. To deliver your brand message, it must include to whom, what, where, and how you should communicate. If your strategy is valid, you must gain an edge over your competition. Branding trends are being approached more in a more innovative way in 2020. Design trends for logos, product packaging, web design, typography, and graphic design are being refreshed and refined. The evolving technology and intense competition have changed the concept of branding. Earlier, the focus was on brand name and logo, but now it is much more.

Top Branding Trends in 2020

These are some of the trending ideas to be followed:

1. Warm tones & Neon Gradients

Warm and neon gradients are continuously emerging in technical environments. It’s a digital pop look. It catches the eye without overwhelming it. Slopes aren’t a new invention. They are incredibly versatile. Moreover, the brands are combining neon colors with warm tones to make it look trendy. It gives your logo over the top vibes.

2. Using Boldly Minimal Metallic Content

Creating bold metallic content is taking branding trends to the next level in 2020. Also by using monochrome, metallic branding keeps things super minimal, yet metallics can take center stage. In 2020, metallics aren’t frilly or ornate or over, but they are fresh, bold, and modern. Metallics are striking, yet they are easy to digest. Including the slightest amount of sparkle in a black and white logo can elevate your brand concept.

3. Lively-Typography

Typography is breaking the constraints of usual fonts and shapes. This trend is all about playing with the letters and their shaping. However, unique characters and shapes have taken over the traditional formats. This helps the brand to speak about itself.  

4. Minimal modulation

Minimal modulation can also be known as nuance modulation. It also offers simplicity with a diverse inspirational component. There is a focus on negative space. For example, the lines in letter E can be replaced by three stacked lines. This art technique is called Trompe-l’oeil.

5. Visual Story-telling

A strong brand logo can be developed not only through an iconic logo, but you can use the approach to tell the story of your business through your logo. It can also be both digital or printed. Visual storytelling creates awareness of your brand among the customers.

Some other significant branding trends to be kept in mind are:

  • Increasing brand loyalty with customer experience
  • Use chatbox
  • Personalize your brand
  • Have a social conscience
  • Create valuable content
  • Use digital marketing
  • Use influencer marketing


Branding is increasingly characterized by trends. Moreover, brands are becoming simpler, genuine, and more connected to the customers (personal touch). Brands today are more responsive than before. Digital platforms have played an essential role in branding. Brand positioning requires a different approach as compared to the traditional one. Every action a business takes is spread on the internet. This makes it essential for branding to be consistent every time.