All You Need To Know About How To Get a Free Credit Report

Get a Free Credit Report

The fair credit reporting act requires all the credit reporting companies present around the country to provide a free copy of the credit report. However, the credit report can be provided every 12 months based on the request placed. The FCRA takes care of the nationwide data present with FCRA companies. Moreover, some of the credit reporting companies are:

  • Equifax
  • Experian
  • TransUnion

A credit report includes the information based on how to pay bills or if you have been sued or filed for bankruptcy. The details about your rights under FCRA, which has designed the free annual credit report program are as follows:

Ordering a free credit report

The largest of three nationwide companies have set up their central website, free contact details, along with a mailing address. This is done to help the customer order a free online credit report. A person may order credit reports from one company at a time.

To order, visit:

Contact: 1877-322-8228

Alternatively, complete the annual report form and send it to: 

Annual credit report request service. P.O. box 105281, Atlanta.

Note: The law allows you to order one credit report from any of the three companies within the 12 months.

Warning: Under the law, only one website is allowed to provide the details of credit reports, i.e., annual credit Some ‘imposters’ will use keywords like ‘free credit report’ to fool the customer. However, they may ask for your personal information and get access to your data. Customers are advised not to trust anyone of those. Moreover, this may lead to their privacy being in danger.

Information needs to be provided

To get a free credit report, some information has to be provided from the customer’s end. The information can be:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Social security no.
  • Date of birth

Also, if you have moved to a new place, then you have to provide your previous address. Each company may ask you some different questions. The reason is that their file may contain some different formats.

Why is a copy of the credit report required?

A credit report summarises your credit history. It also helps in decisions about how much of a loan you can get. It also specifies that in case of payment, how much amount you have to pay back. Few important instructions while applying for a credit report:

  • You have to make sure that the information you provided is correct and updated. However, this helps you to apply for a car loan, house loan, or any other type of loan.
  • If someone uses your personal information. Then the report can be used to file a case against the fraud.

The time required to receive the report 

This happens in two different ways:

  • If you order your report on, then the report will be displayed to you instantly.
  • If you call on the toll-free number and place the request, then it will take around 15 working days for the report to be delivered.


The free credit report is a great way to keep your name high in the financial market. Also, it may help you in getting any personal loan in the future. However, few precautions should be kept in mind to prevent the loss of data.


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