Difference Between Native Advertising and Content Marketing

Native Advertising vs Content Marketing

The world of digital marketing has grown up a lot in the last few years. Many aspects of digital marketing are also evolving and growing with it. Content marketing and native advertising are two essential aspects of digital marketing. Native advertising offers a single and particular way of doing marketing, but content marketing needs wild knowledge and lots of practice. Many people get confused about native advertising vs content marketing, but both are different things. To eliminate this confusion, we will discuss native advertising vs content marketing.

Native Advertising

Native advertisement is a type of advertisement where the advertiser gives money to put their advertisement on someone else’s content. You might have seen several blog sites and have come across some banners or pop-ups. Those are all paid by some advertisers. In other words, we call it sponsored marketing. 

Usually, this type of content’s headlines is always catchy and attractive. Often they use some kind of headline hacks that attracts readers. You can easily spot the sponsored or native advertising. You will see ‘ad’ or  ‘sponsored content’ below the headline. There are some platforms that provide space for native advertisers. 

Taboola:- Taboola was founded in 2007 and is a content discovery platform. It delivers more than half a billion monthly active visitors and more than 200 billion recommendations to websites like Bloomberg, Business Insider, and the USA today. 

Outbrain: Outbrain was founded in 2006. It provides recommended links service to increase qualified traffic revenue. Outbrain is partnered with mainstream publishing sites like CNN, Mashable, People, and MSNBC. 

Yahoo Gemini: Yahoo Gemini was launched in February of 2015. It is the marketplace for the native advertising industry. Benefits of Yahoo Gemini are no click fraud, less competition, and cheap branding.

Content Marketing 

Content marketing is a wide area. It has a long term focused goal. However, it is the way for brand awareness to reach targeted audience in an organic way. It is also the source of valuable information. Content marketing is a long term process. It does not generate direct sales, but it helps to generate leads. The primary focus of content marketing is to nourish the leads. After that, you will find results and conversions. Content marketing is an organic way to advertise the product. 

For example, if you want to sell a product online, you first need to make a blog, then add useful and valuable information about the product in the blog. After that, promote that content. Based on the relevant information and the benefits of the product, your audience will take an interest in purchasing the product. 

Content marketing needs a proper strategy. This process includes videos, images, infographics, etc. Content marketing involves proper idea description implementation. 


Most people get confused between native advertising and content marketing. Therefore it is essential to understand both terms. Native advertising is a rented feature, where you have to pay money to advertise your content, but content marketing is a long term and strategic process. Content marketing requires tons of research. Both aspects have different goals and different audiences.