Best 7 Strategic Games Which Will Boost Your Intelligence

It doesn’t matter if the purpose of playing a game is to get rid of boredom or for the games, which include the act of it. It is essential to play games that will boost your intelligence. Strategic games that involve an action plan will help you to increase mental energy. You may consider playing these types of games if you have a lot of free time. In these games, the player acts as a commander and provides instructions to the army to conquer the enemy. 

We have the Seven Best Strategic Games:

1. Total Wars: Three kingdoms

Total wars: Three kingdoms is a game that is based on the Chinese Civil War. This game is similar to Warhammer, a popular strategic game. The game consists of powerful humans who act as warriors. It revolves around the alliance that impacts the diplomacy and war in the game. The game focuses on the sequences, which include statesmanship, business, and war. Playing it will be an adventurous experience. 

2. Crusaders Kings 2

Crusaders Kings 2 is a bloodline empire game. The game focuses on family matters and army conflicts. Each character introduced has some purpose and crave to achieve something. It is like a family screenplay game. The characters in the game influences the player to do anything to get the throne.

In the game, the leader has to throw anyone out of the way to get the right person for the throne. You need not pay anything to get through the basic version, but there are many additions for the game. 

3. Total War: Warhammer 2

Total war: Warhammer 2 is a new game when compared to its older version. A lot of things have been upgraded in it. All the four groups of the game that include Skaven, high elves, dark elves, and lizardmen are totally unlike each other. This game will make you go deeper into the Warhammer series. If you are already a member of the original game, then mortal empire maps will be an addition to the game. 

4. Europa Universalis 4

The game is based on the empire events that helped during the 18th century. It includes making action plans to make your empire big by weakening other empires. The game includes the historical European empires; it may be French colonizing the British empire or vise versa. 

5. Civilization 6

The list of 7 best strategic games is incomplete without this game. This game comes with many new upgrades. A new introduction to this version of the game is the organization of the areas and the cities. These new upgrades make it even more exciting to make plans for growing new civilizations.  The game moves around the ups and downs that will be faced while developing the civilizations. 

6. Sins of the Solar Empire

This game is based on the expansion of the universal empire in space. It revolves around wars, politics, and big spacecraft.

7. Stellaris

Stellaris is a futuristic game revolving around big aliens from different galaxies to terminators. The main purpose of the game is to protect your species and people.