Can Social Media Boost to Bring the Website Traffic

How Social Media Can Boost Website Traffic

There are countless ways to boost social media website traffic but that doesn’t mean it’s cost-effective. If it doesn’t make sense you can waste a lot of money chasing online so-called “secret” tactics. However, these are the techniques that are proven that simply cost too much for too little. When done right, they don’t burden you with acquisition costs that aren’t sustainable. This is the kind of strategy your small business needs to increase social media traffic. 

Get It Now with Facebook Traffic Campaigns

Are you having trouble getting noticed? It is frustrating if you don’t have followers and almost no one sees your content. If it’s hard to gain any momentum, social media can boost website traffic. You could spend several months very slowly gaining followers but getting that traffic is worth the cost. If you’re attracting high-quality traffic that engages and re-engages then it includes a high percentage of followers and subscribers. 

How to Get High-Quality Social Media Website Traffic

You need to get high-quality social media website traffic, and costs are generally justifiable if you set up campaigns correctly. Similarly, creating highly targeted ads helps in social media platforms and allows you to show boosted posts to a very select audience. 

Determine Your Audience

Start by considering who your audience is: use data collected about existing customers or several buyer personas. These include:

  • Interests
  • Goals
  • Challenges
  • Buying behavior
  • Basic demographics (Income, Education, Age, Gender, and Location)

Next, look at your options if you don’t find a specific trait. In addition, consider how other traits may relate to it. You have so many options here. Target things like:

  • Ages of their children and/or parenting style
  • Political affiliation
  • Industry
  • A specific employer
  • Entertainment of choice
  • Health habits and much more

You can even target based upon their ad’s reach that keeps goes down as you become more selective. Comparatively, it feels like you intentionally don’t want to reach as many people as possible. Target to spend wisely and reach more of the right people to boost social media traffic with the right message. That’s why targeting is important so you don’t try to reach too many people who aren’t the right people. This causes you to overspend on accidental clicks as people may have thought you were something else. 

Retargeting Audiences

In addition to using Facebook data for retargeting you can also use your data to boost website traffic using social. Create custom audiences by uploading your contacts. You can ask Facebook to send the ad to people who’ve already liked it and followed you. Why are you targeting people? It takes 7-13 touch points before someone becomes interested in your brand. An Adobe study showed that attracting traffic can increase click-through by 400% and revenues by 200%.

Create Look-Alikes

With look-alikes, Facebook combines your data to boost social media traffic with theirs. It shows the ad to the people on the list. If you have people in your contact list that are your target, Facebook helps you find more people like them.

Create Your Ad

Traffic campaign ads most often show up within news feeds; rather this makes you look like a friend sharing something. Consider this when creating the ad. It should encourage people to click, but the less it feels like an ad, the better. Instead, make it about the content; that’s why people click on social media. Facebook is a huge driver of online sales and 52% of online purchases can be attributed back to a Facebook ad.