How to Create a Strengths-Based Company Culture

There was a time when companies used to conduct employee evaluations, so that they could identify various weaknesses their employees were suffering from. They would then come up with plans to help their employees improve. Today, this entire scenario has changed drastically. Businesses are currently increasingly seeking to create a strengths-based culture.

What exactly is strengths-based company culture?

A strengths-based company culture happens to take a more positive approach to the entire problem of employees’ weaknesses. It focuses on recognizing each employee’s core strengths and then applying those specific strengths productively at work. Strengths typically originate from our natural talents or ways of thinking and perceiving the world. Therefore, by cultivating those talents and then further combining them with effective training, one can essentially enhance employees’ strengths very easily.

Why should one use or rely on a strengths-based culture?

There are not one but many reasons which should be given when it comes to why one should use or rely on a strengths-based culture. One of the most important reasons is because employees have jobs that need employees to fully utilize their core strengths. This way they can be a lot more productive right from the start. In turn, this will help employers get a significant edge on competitors.

Apart from this, many research studies have shown that a strengths-based culture ultimately leads to greater employee satisfaction which is another big plus point. Employees who are always able to use their core strengths at work every day have reported being a whopping 8% more productive and 15% less likely to quit the company they work for.

How to create:

One of the first things one needs to focus on to create a strengths-based company is to find out what are the existing strengths of an employee in an organization. After finding this information out, one can very easily happen to tap into them to assigning tasks and projects at which the employees are most likely to excel. One should also be able to use the employees strengths to help them chart their career trajectory with the business or company for the future.

Lastly, one needs to be able to make sure that they don’t become too focused on specific job descriptions or roles. One still needs to be flexible enough and give their employees opportunities to use their strengths at work outside their core job duties as well. This is what differentiates an average leader from a good leader at the end of the day. 

This brings us to the end of our discussion on how can one create a strengths-based company culture. Now, let us know what are some of your thoughts about the creation of this new age work culture. Also, do tell us if you have put this attribute to the test for your own company or business.