Top 5 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Spam Emails

The 5 Best Ways to Get Rid of Spam Emails

Spam emails or junk files are unwanted email messages sent to an inbox. These emails mostly contain misleading information and typos from an anonymous sender or wrong email address. The critical difference between a legitimate marketing email and a spam email is that legitimate emails are the ones for which you have subscribed to receive newsletters and other marketing emails. At the same time, spam emails contain explicit or illegal content or the link embedded with malware. Most of the time, deleting the email might be the only solution to get rid of all those spam emails. We have listed the five best ways to help you eliminate spam email.

Five best ways to help you to get rid of email spamming

1. Unsubscribe your email addresses

Mostly, the unsubscribe buttons work for reputable companies only. The spammers and marketers take your information from online forms, social media, or purchases from reputable companies. It is better to subscribe less, or whenever you start to unsubscribe, do it for all the emails you wish to block.

2. Change your email address

If it is becoming tough to control spam messages, it might be possible that your email address is exposed and it is hard to prevent spam messages filled in your inbox if cybercriminals have your information. Instead, you can opt to change your email address, with easy and free services like Gmail, you can easily create multiple accounts and limit the spams that appear in your inbox.

3. You can use a third-party spam filter

A third spam party filter gives you additional security from unwanted spam messages. It is possible that your email service provider already has this filter, but if you pair it with a third party spam filter, then all the emails cross two filters before reaching your inbox. Effective spam filters can help you protect your device from malware threats, attacks, and unwanted spam that floods your device. Make sure to consider an anti-spam filter that works with your email service provider.

4. Blacklist obvious spammers

Blacklisting obvious spammers is one of the best options to get rid of spam messages. It will block the sender, and you will not receive any further emails from that sender or server. However, some email services programs already use blacklist spammers. Still, you can find other lists that will help you identify domains that are generally known to deliver spam messages.

5. Mark as spam

Mostly, you must have seen a separate spam folder in services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and Apple Mail. All of these services have an algorithm that separates the spam or junk files by keeping the spam in a separate folder. If you find spam email messages in your inbox or unwanted emails from an anonymous sender, click “mark it as spam”. Marking it as spam will automatically transfer the spam messages to the spam folder. Further, if you receive more emails from the same anonymous address, the spam filter will not let it enter your inbox.