Top 9 Android Hacks to Get The Best Out of Your Smartphone

Android Hacks

If you are an Android user, you will want to know the tricks and tips to get the best out of your android smartphone. Here are the top 9 Android hacks that might change the way you interact with your Android smartphone

1. Install and Use Linux

Did you know you can convert your Android smartphone into a Linux laptop without the root functions of your Android device? It is easy to install Linux on your Android smartphone. Install and run Debian No root application on your smartphone. That’s all you need to do to use the Linux features in your Android device. 

2. Monitor Your Heartbeat

This is one of the most interesting hacks that you need to know regarding your Android phone. To use this hack, download the instant heart rate application. Once you install the app, place your finger on the LED flash, and your device will tell you your heart rate instantly.  

3. Recover Deleted Messages

With this Android hack, you can quickly recover deleted messages. However, you will be required to use your laptop for this option. Download the Android data recovery tool on your laptop. Now open your smartphone and go to the setting option and enable USB debugging. Launch the tool on your laptop> click message option> Click on recovery. 

4. Encryption Mode On 

We have so much sensitive information stored on our smartphones, and to protect that data, you need to head to the setting > tap on security > click on encrypt phone option. Make sure your phone is plugged in for charging before following the encryption process. 

5. Track Your Phone 

For this, you need to add a Google account to your Android device. Now turn on the “Find My Device” option on your smartphone. If you ever lose your phone, go to the and log in with the same Google account added to your device. If the location and GPS of your smartphone are turned on, you will be able to find your lost device. 

6. Reduce Lag and Delay Period

If your Android device is comparatively old, you may face challenges with the lag time & delay periods. To solve this problem, you need to use the seeder application in your device, which requires the phone to Root. Now your smartphone can function a little better. 

7. Create Your Own Personal Space

If you want to hide apps and information on your device, this is the best Android hack for you. Open the setting in your device and go to ‘users’. Create a new user and add all the apps and other information you want to hide from others. 

8. View Notifications You Swiped Away

If you are always in a hurry and you miss important notifications by clearing them all at once, all you need to do is long-press on to the home screen. It will show up on the screen adjusting mode. Now click the option of Setting from the widget and search for the notification log option and select it. 

9. Get Lyrics Instantly

If you enjoy singing while listening to music, then this will be your favorite hack. This will help you to view the lyrics whenever you watch any video on Youtube. For this, install a mix match app on your Android device and turn on the floating mix-match option.