5 Top Most Smart Strategies for Guest Blogging

Smart Strategies for Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a challenging task. A useful guest blog post needs your time, efforts, and smart strategy. If you do not apply the right approach, your guest posts might fade away. But if you use the right guest blogging strategy, it can prove to be a key tactic to boost traffic to your website. Further, you will also see the increases in your content marketing ROI. 

What are those strategies that can help you to achieve your goals? 

1. Find Your Goals 

Knowing your goals is the initial step of any marketing strategy. After all, you should know where you want to reach if you ever expect to go there. If you are clear with your goals, it will be easy for you to frame your bio appropriately. It will help you to build the trust of potential and new audiences you are attracting. Improve the SEO of your overall site by attracting inbound links. Then, find the blogs or sites similar to your niche. 

2. Build Good Relations With Site Owner 

Before you pitch any site owner for guest blogging, you need to build good relations with them. Follow the owner on different social media platforms and understand the type of content they publish. Read the content on their site consistently for a week or two, so you know what matters to them and their audience. Check for their top-performing blogs on their site. Post content on social media, tag them and also comment on their posts. In short, don’t try to fake it, but build real relations with the site owner; only then you will be able to achieve your goals.

3. Find a Winning Topic to Pitch

Once you understand your target site and site owner, you need to find a topic to pitch. Suppose you have already researched what’s popular on the guest site. Now, look for ways to add value to your site like writing something new on a trending topic. Further, if you come across any widespread issue that hasn’t been published on the site yet, it will be an excellent topic to start guest blogging. 

4. Create Great Content

If the site owner accepts your pitch, the next thing you have to do is write a guest post. Make sure your guest post is SEO rich. The site owner would love to accept the content which ranks well in search results and drives traffic to their site. Find keyword phrases with high volume that you can add-in your guest post. A guest post should also include relevant internal and external links to help you with SEO and building authority. You can also add related images to your blog post, which will make it easier for readers to understand the content on the guest’s site. 

5. Reply to Comments 

Replying to your blog post comments is an easy way to connect with the followers of that guest site. Respond to their questions or thank them for appreciation. Even if the owner of the site is not responding to comments, you should do so.