Know About LinkedIn Advertising In 2020

Know About LinkedIn Advertising In 2020

LinkedIn is the most engaging platform for a company, as it can help people generate more revenue and business. Some businesses generate their leads only from LinkedIn. Stats show that LinkedIn can help a company generate 277% more revenue and leads, than Twitter and Facebook. But understanding the right path to advertise and seek leads is very crucial. We have created a strategy to let you know about LinkedIn advertising in 2020. The A-M-O approach is seen as a very effective strategy for the brands that focus on B2B sales.

What is the A-M-O Strategy

The A-M-O strategy is very significant if you want to attack any social media platform and generate leads. This strategy works best for LinkedIn advertising, as well. The A-M-O strategy stands for the following:

  • A- “A” is the Audience. If you are advertising on LinkedIn, then you need to be specific while choosing your audience. You need to figure out what type of audience is best suitable for your brand.
  • M- “M” is the message. The message is an essential factor to convey your thoughts to the public and interact with them. Your message is the only way that can help you to get conversions and leads.
  • O- “O” is your offer. The offer is the component that can pay the customer back. You determine what is in it for the user with this component.

1. Choosing Your LinkedIn Audience

If you think that targeting thousands of people will generate revenue, then you are wrong. It would be best to focus more on the organic audience by not going outside your limits. There are no benefits to target more users who don’t have any relevancy with your product. If you want to focus on the right numbers, you should keep the number between 20,000 to 80,000 according to your brand’s needs.

2. Ad Format and Copy

The message you send is the only thing that the user sees. There are three things for a message: the ad format, the video or image, and the ad copy. While writing an ad, you should make sure to make it short, positive, and to the point, because most people on LinkedIn are busy, and they won’t respond if they see a bad or negative ad copy. For the image and the video sections, create an ad that is bright and that matches LinkedIn’s grays, blues, and white color palettes. 

3. Make Your Offer Valuable

Always try to start with the sponsored content if you can. Bidding on cost per click can be a good option. Additionally, if you make a reasonable offer in your ad, you can expect people to see it quickly. You can add multiple events in this field by offering free webinars, proposals, cheat sheets, and if you wish, you can also add products as part of a giveaway. Multiple people click on ads to receive free merchandise from a company.