How To Get More Likes And Followers On Instagram

How To Get More Likes And Followers On Instagram

Instagram has become a milestone for many marketers and brands. Instagram is widely used to generate social presence, drive profitable traffic to websites, grow conversions, and build an interactive audience. If your Instagram presence is not quite as strong as you are hoping, it might be a good time to know how to sharpen up your strategies for generating real, organic likes, and followers on Instagram. In this blog, we will tell you some great tips to help you know how to get more likes and followers on Instagram.

Take high-quality photos

This trick might seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised by how many people don’t follow it. You don’t need a high-end DSLR worth several thousand dollars to take a good picture or create a video. A modern phone can perform superbly if you want to take some stunning shots. You also need to focus more on the lighting. Make sure your lighting is suitable for the picture, and that everything is in focus. The image or video should not be too bright and not too dull because it can spoil the content’s crispness. Great photos are naturally more aesthetically pleasing, which can earn you more likes and followers.

Get brand advocates and partners to post your content

When you learn how to get more Instagram followers, it’s vital to know your audience’s value. The more your follower count grows organically, the more buyers and interested users you will have. The best path to make consumers follow you is to get in front of them and be present. You need to exist on your own Instagram as well as others. Additionally, you can try sponsoring user-generated posts to show your brand in the customer’s feed. You can also organize Instagram contests to establish your brand to a broader audience. 

Study and use quality hashtags

The right hashtags and location tags can expose your image to a targeted and broad audience, and Instagram users don’t seem to get bored from hashtags in the same way they might on other networks. With the popularity of hashtags, now it’s possible to follow a hashtag! According to some studies, researchers found that Instagram posts with location tags and hashtags get the highest average user engagement. In other words, hashtags can be the best bet for growing a big user base and great engagement on Instagram.

Try videos, reels, IGTV, live videos, and stories

While Instagram appeared as a photo-sharing platform, it has grown beyond just pictures. With features like videos, live videos, reels, IGTV, and stories, brands can now create different content types to engage users, get likes, and grow their following.


Finally, make sure your existing users know you are on Instagram through cross-posting. Instagram makes it easy to share your posts on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, which could be a great strategy to get some extra exposure. There is a great benefit to cross-post. A study of more than one billion Facebook posts from two million brand pages detected that content posted to Facebook via Instagram received more engagement than natively published content.