How To Run Ads On Quora To Reach Target Audiences

How to Run Ads on Quora 

Have you ever thought of running an ad campaign on Quora? When it comes to advertisement, only a few people consider advertising on Quora. Some people might not be aware of the fact that they can find their potential leads on Quora, too. Quora is almost similar to Yahoo Answers, and the only difference is you will find in-depth, thoughtful, and reliable answers on Quora. That might be why more people have started considering Quora over any other platform. Here we will discuss how you can find your target audience on Quora and run ads on Quora to reach them. 

1. Check Your Audience on Quora

Before starting the ad campaign, you find out whether or not your target audience is available on Quora. Create an account on Quora for Business. To check if your current audience uses quora, click the audience tab that appears at the top of the page. Then go to “create audience” and upload a CSV file with all of your email addresses. If you find out that the high number of your current customers use the platform, you can start creating an ad campaign on Quora. 

Furthermore, if you want to collect the audience within Quora, go to the Pixel and Conversion tab and click the Setup Pixel button. Then a window will pop-up through which you can install Pixel manually or via Google Tag Manager. Opt for the Google Tag Manager, as it is an easier route compared to the other one. In the end, you’ll get the audience on Quora. 

2. Research Questions and Topics for Quora Ads

In simpler terms, Quora is a question and answer site, which is why it is essential to research on some popular questions in your niche that your target audience often searches. For this, you can use Quora’s search navigation bar. Searching manually for questions helps the marketers to research audience volume. 

3. Run a Quora Ad Based on Popular Questions Posted by Quora Users

This is one of the simplest ways to run your target ads based on popular questions. Before deciding questions, you need to research stats and logs, such as followers and views. Target the questions that your target audience will see. 

4. Set Up Your Quora Ad Campaign

After you have successfully confirmed your target audience’s availability and researched the target question, you can set up the Quora ad campaign. 

Steps to create an Ad Campaign on Quora: 

  1. Click on Create Campaign button. 
  2. Fill all the particulars such as campaign name, objective.
  3. Set the budget and schedule of your campaign.
  4. Put the name of your ad set and select your primary targeting.
  5. Enter all the details regarding the specific or general location of your targets. 
  6. Set the CPC bid and optimize ad delivery for per clicks or impressions.
  7. Finally, enter all the necessary information regarding your ad. 
  8. Complete the whole set up process by finalizing the payment method.