All You Need To Know About The IGTV Monetization

Know About IGTV Monetization

Instagram is the most trending social media platform, and with its fast-growing community, Instagram has rolled out the news for IGTV monetization. Instagram is now focusing more on quality content creators, which is why it has started the IGTV monetization. The other thought of Instagram for IGTV monetization was to bring creators from Youtube to Instagram. Although the IGTV monetization feature has not been pushed out in several countries, they are rolling out the feature according to the needs of the audience.

History of IGTV

IGTV is a feature of the most popular platform Instagram. It was rolled out a few years ago as an addition to extended stories. Instagram created IGTV to give creators a new and exciting platform to post content. Soon, Instagram realized that the attention IGTV was getting was outstanding.

What is IGTV Monetization?

After the success of IGTV, Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, thought to do something new to add more creators to the platform. This is how the idea of monetizing IGTV arrived. IGTV monetization is a way by which creators can earn money through their IGTV videos by running monetized ads on them. The addition of monetization was only enrolled for 200 celebrities with over 5M followers, including Kim Kardashian as a Beta update. Then it was rolled out to other creators in order to measure the response.  

How much can a creator earn form IGTV?

Various factors affect the revenue of a creator. Total earnings one can earn are based on:

  • Number of times the video was clicked
  • The number of ads played.
  • Money advertisers pay per ad.
  • Total ads run on a single video.

How often will the creators get paid?

Payouts can be transferred once a month. There is not a limit as to how much you can earn, but you can only transfer money at the end or start of the month. Creators will need to follow the Instagram guidelines to run the monetization. Those guidelines are:

  • The video should be at least two minutes long.
  • It should be an advertiser-friendly video.
  • It must not contain explicit content.
  • It must not target a community or any specific individual.

What is the result of IGTV?

For creators, some have seen 70% growth in traffic, while some have seen 30% growth. Growth also depends upon the type of content you publish or post. While for the advertisers, they have seen 80% growth in the traffic. The ad algorithm which Instagram has implemented on its platform is by far amazing, and creators have started loving it already. We cant wait to see more changes that Instagram comes up with.