The Story Behind The Success Of PepsiCo

The Story Behind the Success of PepsiCo

PepsiCo is one of the world’s most known brands. Pepsi originated 125 years ago as a U.S. pharmacy shop. It has grown tremendously since then and has become a brand that now manufactures drinks with several formulations. Pepsi’s popularity has grown to at least as much as its competitor Coca Cola. In this article, we discuss the story behind the success of PepsiCo.

Pepsi Coke’s Original Recipe

Pepsi Coke’s original recipe belongs to 1893 pharmacist Caleb Bradham. Bradham had been raised in New Bern, North Carolina. Unlike several other pharmacists, in some of his stores, he kept a drinking cabinet and sold his drinks. His most famous drink was “Brad’s drink”, which he named after himself, containing lemon, sugar, caramel, cola nuts, water, and much more.

By the end of 1910, Pepsi became popular, and Pepsi-Cola started selling in 24 separate states of America. Pepsi-Cola signed on to Barney Oldfield in 1913. Oldfield was a popular car racer and an icon. As the firm saw the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns, it chose in the coming years to partner with famous personalities.

Pepsi Cola Collapsed

After years of brilliant success during the First World War, the sector was bothered by volatility in sugar prices. Bradham wanted to take risks. He figured the sugar prices would increase, so he also planned to store the sugar during the coming periods. It did not take long before the company went bankrupt. Pepsi Cola collapsed in 1923. 

PepsiCo Success Story

Charles G. Guth, the owner of the Pepsi Cola Loft Sugar Company, founded it in 1931, after having toured in the hands of several investors. Guth had worked hard to build Pepsi’s success story. He was so desperate at one point that he even offered to sell Pepsi to Coca-Cola, but officials at the company declined to make a bid.

The first commercial music released by the company was Pepsi Cola. The song was extremely popular, and it was recorded as one of the most influential advertisement of the 20th century in 55 different languages and made its mark in history. The managing director of the company Al Steele, married the actress Joan Crawford. Crawford used to drink Pepsi at company meetings, visit Pepsi-selling shops and bottling centers. In the 1950s, the company’s tactic of using famous faces was still in place.

The business has, of course, been evolving and growing over the years. Pepsi purchased the Mountain Dew brand in 1964 and merged with the Frito-Lay company a year later, which manufactures snacks. By 1974, Pepsi also grew globally and became the first American company to be manufactured and marketed in the Soviet Union.

Pepsi-Cola’s Breakpoint

Pepsi-Cola’s breakpoint had been with Michael Jackson in 1984. In those days, Jackson was obsessed with the fame the Thriller album gave him, he was recognizable across the globe, and at that time, he became the new face of Pepsi as the brand ambassador.


The success of the company lies in the fact that it constantly remains in contact with evolving trends and lifestyles, and offers customers the tastes and conveniences they crave.