Best YouTube Practices To Deliver The Best Results

YouTube Practices to Deliver the Best Results

If you’re planning to begin marketing on YouTube, you need to be smart about it. YouTube is a hub of talents and has more than 50 million content creators making videos regularly. In order to beat the competitors, your content has to stand out. First, you need to build a Youtube community of like-minded people where you can connect with your audience. Generally, people come to YouTube to find the content they are passionate about. Here marketers play into these passion points and try to connect with audiences. But do you think that’s enough to become a successful marketer on a platform like YouTube? Here are some of the best practices that every YouTube marketer must know to deliver the best results.

YouTube SEO

The search engine of a YouTube channel or video is essential to attract the viewers. YouTube is the second-largest platform that works on the search engine. SEO rich keywords give a clear idea to the viewers about what you are delivering. For this, you can use some of these practices for YouTubeSEO, such as:

  • Add target keywords in the titles and descriptions
  • Target keywords in the video can help your viewers for a better understanding of your video
  • Categorization of the videos
  • Addition of tags to the videos 

Research Your Competition

Competitive analysis is essential if you want to go ahead to the other businesses similar to your niche on YouTube. Browse the channel of your competitors, and thoroughly take note of all the necessary information like which videos received the most and least amount of views. Try to find your viewers’ needs, kinds of content your audience likes or does not to watch, and the keywords used by your competitors. Use those keywords in your video description to boost your ranking in YouTube’s search pages and recommended video feeds.

Run a Contest or Giveaway

YouTube users love a giveaway. You can host a YouTube contest or giveaway to encourage more people to subscribe to your channel. Here are some of our best practices for running any YouTube contest:

  • First, follow YouTube’s policies
  • Give away a gift like coupons that’s related to your brand
  • Be creative regarding user-generated content and other non-traditional entry requirements

Supercharge Your Storytelling

There are many marketers on YouTube, so it can be hard for your brands to earn attention. However, to get attention, replace the traditional story arc with peaks throughout the narrative. Try to start your video with a compelling hook, then add unexpected twists and brand mentions. Initially, you can try varying lengths of your content with short ads to pique initial interest. But, once viewers start investing more time on your channel, you can add longer ads.

Organize Your YouTube Content to Attract Followers

People love organization, and the same goes for a YouTube channel. A well-organized YouTube channel will help you gain more subscribers. Here are some ways you can use to organize your channel:

  • Create playlists:  Organize your YouTube videos into different playlists. Once viewers start watching a video, they’ll see autoplay until the playlist ends. It will keep the viewers on your channel for longer.  
  • Add subtitles of different languages: Approximately 60% of a YouTube channel’s views originate outside the creator’s own country. Expand your reach by adding subtitles in different languages, as this will attract more people to your YouTube channel.