Top 10 Financial Tips From Alibaba Group Founder Jack Ma

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, is the richest person in China and one of the richest people in the world. Jack Ma is a self-made entrepreneur. His family was poor, and this is the reason he was not able to complete his higher education. However, even without gaining a proper education, he managed to target his goal. His ambition is what brought him to be what he is today. Jack ma has given some financial tips. Moreover, his life experiences help to inspire youth and keep them motivated towards their goal. 

The Top 10 Financial Tips by Jack Ma

1. Plan for your financial goals

Beyond everything, you must plan your financial goals. This will help you to work in a direction and help to build a platform to create a good working environment.

2. Every financial opportunity should be treated as an open door

According to Jack ma, no opportunity is big or small. Work towards your goals with your soul and heart. Be optimistic, and do not complain about your financial problems.

3. Channel your financial targets

It doesn’t matter what investors think. It also doesn’t matter what your parents and relatives think. If you and your team believe it, then you have to work day and night to achieve it. Be clear with your financial goals and have a good plan that divides your finances in each step. Moreover, believe in your potential and work hard to achieve all your dreams.

4. Be an innovative financer

Jack ma believes that if a person is innovative, one can sort out all those difficulties that come in the way. These difficulties may include managing finances, allocating them in different departments, and so on.

5. Gain people’s trust

Jack ma once said, ‘two things should be clear to gain people’s trust; a clear objective and a clear balance sheet’. An objective may define the goal or target a person wishes to achieve. A clear balance sheet may describe an individual’s financial capacity. 

6. Money and potential power cannot exist together

Money and potential power are mutually exclusive. When both of them occur, an explosion will take place. However, if you are interested in both, try to pursue them consecutively. 

7. Forget about the money

Your business or project is not just launched for the money. If you focus on money, you will make decisions that may be harmful to you. Keep your goal defined and future-oriented.

8. We are born to enjoy life, not to spend it working

The point of life is not to work. You must enjoy life to the fullest, as you live only once. 

9. Track your financial goals regularly

You must learn to track your financial goals. They might help you to build an empire one day.

10. Learn to track the success

Along with tracking your financial goals, you must learn to track your success alongside these goals.


These top 10 financial tips from Jack Ma will help a person to become a successful entrepreneur.