Know about the Difference Between Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and Advertising

In normal use, the words marketing and advertising look similar. They may have some common objectives, but there are a lot of differences between these two words. In business, both help to increase sales, create brand values, and spread awareness to the targeted audience. However, both have differences between them. Let’s explore the true meaning of both words.


Marketing is a complete process, which includes a lot of technical and practical implementations. Moreover, marketing involves design, data mining, research, and creation. The whole concept of marketing is to define the product and introduce it to the targeted audience, because marketing includes a long process of creating, communicating, exchanging, and delivering. It needs the proper strategy regarding the timing of product placement, pricing of the product, and promotion of the product.

Marketing deals with the customer’s needs. It requires proper analysis and research. There are various considerable factors which are included in marketing such as demand in the market, environment, and a suitable price for the customers, etc. Marketing consists of the promotional strategy and the perfect influencing, thought to deliver the product to the doorstep of customers.

Marketing can be understood in four phases: product, price, place, and promotions. These are four pillars of marketing.

  • Product: The product that has a high demand of the customers in the market place.
  • Price: The best suitable price for the demanding product.
  • Place: Here, the area can be defined as the best platform to introduce the product. i.e., distributing, franchising, e-commerce or Retail market, etc.
  • Promotion: This is the final step of marketing where advertising relies on.


Advertisement is a way to introduce a particular product to the customer. Advertising is a more creative process. So, it should be done with the right strategy and at the right time. This process spreads awareness about the product among customers. It also helps to understand the utilization process of the product. The customers can get a brief idea through the advertising process. Advertisement can be done on the various platforms as mentioned below:

  • TV commercials
  • Radio Advertisement
  • Newspaper¬†
  • Digital Platforms
  • Banners and Headings

The advertisement process needs creativity. It should have a tagline and should target the correct audience. If the product is for the younger generation, then the smarter move is to advertise the product on several social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Advertisement is the best possible way to promote a product and generate curiosity among the correctly targeted audience.

In other words, advertisement is the announcement of the launching of the product. The advertisement can be done in various tones and pitch according to the product. The primary objective of the process is to make the audience aware about the product.

Similarities between marketing and advertising:

Marketing and advertising both help to promote a product. Advertisement is the promotion process of marketing. Marketing is a vast domain that includes an enormous amount of research and development, whereas advertising is to get the attention of the audience. Marketing includes factors such as price, place, product, and promotion. Advertisement includes targeting audience, proper platform, and providing adequate information to customers, so it may need influencers to promote the product. Advertising is the creative field. Both are different and similar at the same time.