Everything about How to Patent an Idea

How to Patent an Idea

Are you thinking of protecting an Idea? Do you have a question on can Ideas be patented or protected? The answer is NO. The mere idea cannot be protected. Investors need to ponder in terms of invention. The invention can be patented. That doesn’t mean ideas are not valuable; they are! They are the starting point of your journey. So, you need to work hard to flesh out the boundaries of innovation. The aim is to achieve the point where the idea would be solid enough to be more than what the law called a mere idea. The idea should have a solution to the problems faced by people, or it should come to a solution to any scientific problem. In this article, we have shared various ways that will assist you to patent an Idea:-

Let us proceed with how to get an idea patented

1. Prep Work

When dealing with prep work, you need to answer all of the following questions. Do you have an Idea? What is the motto for investing? Who are your target investors? Who will own it? Is your patent-eligible? 

So, pondering upon all of these questions will get you started towards the journey of patenting an idea. This will also assist you in getting your idea patented easily.

2. Patent Search

After determining all the aspects of prep work, you need to ponder upon the phrase of patent search. You need to analyze and come up with both patentability and marketability. Whereas, this is the process to search that your patent doesn’t already exist. So, it gives an early signal that your idea is worth pursuing or not and prevents your efforts from going in vain. 

3. Filling your Patent

This step needs you to get registered your patent application form. You can also register yourself under the international patent form, which helps you to protect your idea globally. This is essential when you have a market demand for your product in that country. Also, the other forms of application can be plant patent, utility patent, design patent, provisional patent, etc.

4. Post filling

It is vital to know how long it will take to get your idea being patented. What are the costs? Well, it depends on many factors. These factors involved office actions, petitions, and appeal. Knowing the duration, it will take for your getting patented will assist you in framing your future planning wisely.


Hence ideas cannot be patented, so you do not have a plan you have an invention or will come up with invention if you continue your journey. However, it takes courage to develop your idea and stand out from other inventors. Therefore, the process is Idea+ Invent+ patent, which will make you innovative in this market. Coming up with a unique idea will not only assist you in getting your idea patented but will also help you to bring a revolution in society.

So are you up for the challenge! Let’s get it done.